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Tea Bag Blending

Updated on November 4, 2007
Some days, I'm buried under a mountain of tea bags
Some days, I'm buried under a mountain of tea bags

There are always new flavors and taste combinations to be discovered in the Tea Universe. This has lead me, over the years, to become buried under boxes of teas - black, green and herbal. Perhaps you have this compulsion to try a brand new flavor of tea even though you have 20 boxes back home? Well, one of the uses you can put those tea bags at home to satisfy your taste for new favorite flavors is by tea bag blending.

What Is Tea Bag Blending?

Don't worry - you don't have to do any tea bag surgery here. All you need are two or more kinds of flavors of tea you think might go well together and make a pot. You can drink it hot or iced. A usual formula is to use tea bag for the pot and one for every cup of tea the pot can hold.

This works especially well with green teas, since they can be bitter. Green teas blend extremely well with fruity herbal teas or even a strong peppermint. You could even have three quarter of the bags be herbal teas and one quarter be the green tea bag(s).

If you need a bit of caffeine to get going in the morning, like myself, but want a fruity taste to help clear the palette, get one large mug, one bag of regular black tea and one of a fruity, like an orangey or peachy, herbal tea bag. Pour in boiled water and let brew for at least three minutes. If you are using only a regular sized mug, then you only need to keep the bags in there just over a minute, unless you like your tea really strong.

Advantage With Sun Tea

In making solar-powered iced tea, the water is not going to ever reach the boiling point, no matter how hot the sun is that day. And if it does reach the boiling point, the least of your worries will be the taste of your sun tea. Anyway, since the water never reaches the boiling point, many people find that using black tea bags makes a crappy tasting iced tea.

For sun tea, it is much better to use green, white and/or herbal tea bags, since they never need boiling water but hot water in order to brew. This is where you can really have some fun. Depending on the size of your pitcher or sun tea jar, put in combinations of fruity and spiced herbal teas with green or white teas and see what happens. A berry and green tea mix is favored at our home.

Remember when making sun tea to always have some sort of lid on it to keep out all of the insects that will commit suicide in your tea. Although these insects add protein to the drink, this does not go over well at any lawn parties or barbecues.

Go through your stashes of teas and see what you can blend together and have fun!

Film praising a tea that plays well with other teas by AzusaO


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