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Tea for a healthy life

Updated on September 29, 2016


Tea can be considered one of the most beneficial drinks in the world. Below I will list some of the health benefits that tea can give you and I will include other interesting tidbits that you may or may not have known. With the many varieties of tea there is sure to be something out there that you like.

Variety of Teas

Here is a short list of the types of tea out there.

  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • White Tea
    Above is the teas I drink most often. You can find all of these in just about any grocery store but I usually get them from Walmart.
  • Honey Tea
  • Honey Nut Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Matcha Tea
  • Pu-erh Tea
  • Rooibos
  • Lemon Rooibos
  • Chamomile with Lemongrass
  • Honey Bush
  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Chamomile
  • Yerba Mate
  • Tulsi or Holy Basil
  • Lemon with Ginger

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of tea and I will go over some of them here.

The antioxidants found in tea help your body remove cell-damaging free radicals. Black and green tea has around ten times more polyphenols than what is found in fruit.

Faster Metabolism
Whenever you drink tea your metabolism will be affected in a good way. The caffeine will help speed up your metabolism which will help you lose weight. In fact if you are on a diet make sure you include around three to four cups of tea a day.

Type 2 Diabetes
Tea has been shown to help people with diabetes better process sugars.

Blood Pressure
Tea can help lower your blood pressure and it may reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Immune System
Tea can bolster your immune system helping your body fight off infections. It can also help your body protect itself from cancer.

Those are a few of the benefits but there are many more. The fact that you can help yourself just by drinking a few cups of tea a day is amazing.

Did You Know?

  1. Tea water can be used as a grease cleaner. You can use it to clean your dirty dishes without the need for soap.
  2. If you collect used, dried tea leaves and make them into a pillow for you to sleep on it will help with high blood pressure and will keep your eyes clear.
  3. You can take those same tea leaves and use them for a tea bath. Doing this will make your skin smooth and shiny. When you have a sunburn taking a bath in tea will help sooth the pain.
  4. If you place tea bags inside of your smelly shoes they will help with the odor. This also works in the refrigerator.
  5. Tea water can be used as a furniture cleaner making your wood fresh and shiny. It will also protect against dust mites and bugs.
  6. If you put used tea leaves around plants they will grow stronger with more energy.
  7. Tea was discovered in the year 2737 B.C. by Emperor Shen Nung. While in his garden boiling some water to drink some leaves from a camellia shrub blew into his cup.

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