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Tequilajuana, Cold Brew Process

Updated on December 22, 2019
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Herbal Infusions are widely popular, offering many health benefits. Some recipes bring infusion to new levels... Like this one!

Decarb your Herb

There are lots of opinions on how to decarb your herb. Please choose whatever method you feel most confident in. We use an instant pot... for a couple of reasons 1) there is no odor, 2) it's very difficult to burn your plant matter, and 3) it's automated, so you can relax while it's happening!

Materials needed:

  • Fresh Herb; Whole flower or trim... whatever's clever.
  • Up to 4, Pint-Sized Mason Jars with at least two fresh, new lids each.
  • Optional, but you'll thank me later... 3 x 5" unbleached cloth tea/spice bags.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Always measure your herb by weight, using a maximum of 7g of herb per tea/spice bag.
  2. Cinch the bag closed, tie it up nice and tight, place each bag inside of a mason jar and secure the lids, "finger tight". (Meaning, as tight as only the force of your fingers will allow. You want to avoid any water getting inside the jar, and avoid torquing the lid down too hard.) This is a crucial step!
  3. Once the lids are secure set the jar(s) inside your Instant Pot, fill pot 1/2 way up the height of the jar(s) with water. I use the trivet that came with the Instant Pot to help control the floating to keep all the lids upright before closing the lid.
  4. When the lid of the Instant Pot is secured, set it to High-Pressure cook 20 min, then naturally release another 20 min before releasing the remaining steam and opening your Instant Pot... Now, I know you're getting excited, but allow the jars to cool enough to be opened without scalding your hands!

Choosing the Right Tequila

If you are a tequila connoisseur, like I am, you've already got several different tequilas to choose from. Whenever you're infusing alcohol, a higher proof is recommended. With that being said, don't discount your 80 proof tequila, it will infuse nicely, however it will take a bit more time for maximum infusion.

What I recommend for the tequila connoisseur, is infusing a high proof Blanco tequila with a high herb concentration (making it a tincture) then cutting the finished product with at least one non-infused tequila and even a touch of quality mescal upon serving, depending upon the application. I don't blend the tequilas before infusing because I'm not that brave yet, if you are and you succeed, I would love to hear about it!

If you are not a connoisseur, you'll want to buy the clear stuff, 80 proof or higher, and keep in mind the value of quality plant material, don't muck it all up with some low-quality tequila you won't want to drink at all. I highly recommend something along the lines of Tequila Cabeza, it's 86 proof for approximately $35, or a Pueblo Viejo, 104 proof and about $30.

Fill 'er UP, Shake and ... Wait.

Once you've made your choice of tequila, pour it over the dry, decarboxylated tea bag in your mason jar then top it with a fresh lid. Store in a temperate, dark place (under the counter, in the liquor cabinet, etc.) for two weeks, only visiting the jar(s) every 3 or so days to shake it up. At this time, the higher proof tequila is usually ready, it will be darker brown to deep green in color, test just a dropper full to taste. Seconds after you ingest the liquid, if you feel the sensation of sweet bud in your mouth, it's ready!

Strain it with a coffee filter if you see any floaties, and make a pitcher of iced tea or a few cups of high chai or cannahotcocoa... with the bag before discarding!!!

If you made more than one mason jar, you may want to "age" them differently.

If you used (80 proof) tequila you might have another 1 to 3 weeks to wait, but it's going to be TOTALLY worth it. Keep shaking, keep checking, Seconds after you ingest the liquid, if you feel the sensation of sweet bud in your mouth, it's ready!

The flavors are blended, the herb is quite pronounced, you can certainly blend this with any other number of fine tequilas now. Experiment with your favorite drinks like a margarita, tequila sunrise, or la paloma. Enjoy a sip on its own, or if you made a higher concentration, you can use it straight as a tincture and drop a little under your tongue for a smoothe, mellow ride.

Drink responsibly! Remember this is high proof tequila, a single shot of infused alcohol can affect somebody like 4 or more shots of regular... it is intended to be enjoyed in moderation.

the Instant Pot
the Instant Pot
Spice Bags
Spice Bags
One Pint Mason Jars
One Pint Mason Jars
High Proof Tequila
High Proof Tequila
the Herb
the Herb


  • High Proof Tequila, Blanco
  • 7 grams Herb of preference, Chopped, whole, shake, trim... no problem

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Mira Juana


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