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Teriyaki Marinated Beef Recipe

Updated on November 9, 2015

Teriyaki Beef

Delicious Beef Dish
Delicious Beef Dish | Source

Teriyaki Beef Recipe

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All About the Beef Marinade

This is a Delicious stir fry beef recipe, pre-marinated in teriyaki sauce, I am a little bit of a carnivore and really enjoy my meats, other then a good steak, this is one of my favorite beef dishes. It Is easy to prepare and tastes really delicious.

Sadly enough my photography skills are not that good, so I can not take a photo good enough to do this dish justice. Unlike most of my recipes where I like to prepare my meals from scratch, this dish requires using Kikkoman meat marinade and Kikkoman light soya sauce. Most Asian shops or big hypermarkets will stock these. Now if you are as much a meat lover as me, you will want to prepare these in generous portions.

The quantity you see in the photos served 3, we also had spinach stir fried with garlic. If you do try this recipe do not be surprised if you end up eating more then your usual sized portions of food. This is a friendly tip, wear stretchable pants.

Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki Beef
Teriyaki Beef | Source

Choice Beef Marinated

Marinated in teriyaki sauce
Marinated in teriyaki sauce | Source

Meat Cuts

You will need a decent cut of beef, something like rump steak or inside round.

Prepare your beef by slicing thinly against the grain. In strips about quarter inch wide and two inches long.

Ingredients for Teriyaki Beef

All that you need for this recipe
All that you need for this recipe | Source


3 pounds of beef

2 large capsicums

2 large white onions

coarsely ground black pepper


olive oil

kikkoman teriyaki marinade sauce

kikkoman light soya sauce

1 tbsp honey


Put your thinly sliced beef into a large mixing bowl, pour the Kikkoman teriyaki marinade and light soya sauce and massage into the beef. Let it sit for about 30 minutes Then sprinkle black pepper on it.

Heat a deep pan and add about half an inch of oil, throw in about 300 grams of beef at a time. Do not overcook the beef as it will toughen if overcooked, medium rare is best. Once the 300 gm beef is cooked to your desired preference ( hopefully medium rare ), scoop it out and leave it on the side, repeat until you have cooked all the beef.

Cut the onions and capsicums into large chunks and leave it on the side.

Heat a saucepan and add in olive oil, sautè the onions for one minute, then throw in the capsicums, stir fry until the vegetables are brown on the outside, but not until they get soft. Pour some soya sauce over the onions and capsicums stir, add a little water and the honey. Stir for 30 seconds, turn off the heat. Add the beef and mix well.

Serving Recommendation

Best served with plain white rice and eaten in large quantities.

If want to make your meal fancier, for a dinner party or just to show off your eastern culinary skills, heat a saucepan add butter and finely chopped garlic, sautè until golden brown, mix this with your white rice. Voila garlic butter rice with teriyaki beef a perfectly cooked Asian meal.

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