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Texas Roadhouse - A Review of a Family Steakhouse

Updated on February 18, 2013

A Night On The Town

A Night On The Town
A Night On The Town | Source

We Love This Place

In the world of steak houses, Texas Roadhouse is one of the largest chains in the southwest part of the country. There are many locations across the region and are always a popular spot for those who love steak. In Wichita, there is only one Texas Roadhouse, and it is extremely busy each and every night they are open.

Texas Roadhouse has a really great atmosphere. The country western music and tasteful uniforms of the wait staff lend to a feeling of being in a country roadhouse. If you are lucky, you can witness the wait staff taking a minute from their duties to break into a “spontaneous” line dance that all of the customers can’t help but watch.

The wait staff is also kind and considerate and competent. They know the menu well and describe each appetizer and entrée in the best light. They also make knowledgeable suggestions to those who ask. They also know just the right side dish that would best complement the main dish. They are also willing to make changes that fit the customer’s tastes. They treat each customer as if they are the only person that they are serving, even in a packed house.

The interior of the building is decorated with decorations that would fit in the best bunkhouse. Branding irons, saddles, sawhorses and more fill the walls. The wooden floors and booths also lend to the atmosphere, as do the antique ads from days gone by. The wooden floors are also enhanced with the peanut shells from the complimentary peanuts.

To start your dining experience, you can choose from many flavorful appetizers. You can choose from normal fare, such as Buffalo wings and tater skins, to the unusual fried pickles or Rattle snake bites and everything in between. The Buffalo wings are spicy and come in mild or hot sauce and are served with a bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks. Fried pickles are just what the name implies, deep fried pickle slices served with ranch or horseradish sauce. You can also try Rattle snake bites, which are rounds of diced jalapeno peppers with cheese and served with your choice of sauces. One favorite is the Blossom, a hand battered, deep fried onion served with a spicy Cajun horseradish sauce. Grilled shrimp, Killer ribs and Texas Red Chili.

You can also choose a salad as your appetizer, or a meal for that matter. There are a variety of salads to choose from, from a simple house salad made with fresh lettuce and spinach, eggs, cheese, and croutons to a Caesar salad with Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons and Caesar dressing. You can also get grilled or fried chicken salads that feature everything from the house salad plus deep fried battered chicken or grilled chicken. You can also add chicken to the traditional Caesar salad.

Of course, the most important part of a steak house is the steak. You can get steak in a variety of cuts, depending on your taste, appetite and budget. Steaks vary in size from a six ounce sirloin to a 20 ounce bone in rib-eye. Cuts range from a simple sirloin to prime rib.

One of the fun steaks that you can get cooked to your individual taste is the Road Kill steak. This is a ten ounce chopped steak. It is topped with mushrooms, onions and cheese. It looks like something you might make in your own kitchen, but with a taste that would hard to duplicate.

Also on the steak menu is the Dallas filet – one of the tenderest steaks you can eat. It comes in either a six or eight ounce version. The New York Strip is aged longer for more tenderness. It comes in a 12 or 16 ounce cut. You can also have a Texas T-Bone, which is a combination of the filet and the New York Strip. The prime rib is slow cooked all day and you can have your choice of meat that is cooked to your specific expectations.

For those with a limited budget, you can choose one of the many sizes of sirloin steak. You can choose from sizes that range from a small six ounce steak to the largest at 16 ounces. They are cooked on a gas fired grill to bring out that outdoor grill taste.

If you want something a little more exciting than just a simple steak, you can choose the sirloin kabobs. Sirloin kabobs are sirloin pieces along with onions, tomatoes, green and red peppers served on a bed rice. It is the same tasty steak served in a very unique way.

Beef in another form is also served at Texas Roadhouse. The ribs are slow cooked with a variety of seasons to bring out the best flavor. They come in a half slab or full slab, depending on your appetite. The barbecue sauce only enhances the flavor. There is also country fried sirloin, a hand battered, deep fried choice cut sirloin covered in delicious cream gravy. Sirloin beef tips, pieces of sirloin steak mixed with mushrooms, onions and brown gravy is another beef choice.

Texas Roadhouse also serves a variety of chicken dishes. One dish is called Portobello Mushroom Chicken. As you might expect, this dish is grilled chicken topped with a sauce that contains Portobello mushrooms. It is also covered in two types of cheese.

You can get a simple roasted chicken, as well. It is perfectly seasoned and slow roasted over several hours. It has that home-cooked taste that will remind you of your grandmother’s house on Sunday after church. Another southern meal is the country fried chicken. It is a battered chicken covered in thick gravy that is made from scratch.

There is also a grilled chicken option. The grilled chicken is covered in a spicy barbecue sauce. For this meal you get a half pound of chicken breast. Another tasty treat!

For the kids, or those with more simple tastes, you can get Chicken Critters. These are hand breaded white meat chicken deep fried to perfection. You get four Chicken Critters for a serving.

If you prefer seafood, there are a few dishes to choose from. You can choose from grilled salmon or shrimp, or deep fried catfish. The catfish is battered with a southern corn meal batter and then deep fried and served with a creole sauce. The grilled salmon is seasoned with a special lemon pepper seasoning. The grilled shrimp is served on skewers and served with a lemon pepper butter and rice.

There is also pork on the menu. Grilled pork chops are seasoned and covered with a peppercorn sauce. You can choose from one or two pork chops for your meal. If you prefer, you can choose pulled barbecue pork. This is a slowed cooked pork, pulled to perfection and covered with a signature barbecue sauce and served with fresh bread.

For children there is a special menu. Children can choose from hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, little cheeseburgers, chicken tenders or baskets of Chicken Critters or ribs. There are also child sized portions of steak to choose from.

If you wish, you can combine two or more of the entrées to make a combo dinner. You can combine steak with chicken, pork or shrimp to make a wonderful combination.

At Texas Roadhouse, your meal comes with a choice of side dishes to complement your choice of entrée. There are a variety of potato sides, including the side of choice – the baked potato. You can have your baked potato plain, or with everything to have a loaded baked potato. If you prefer you can have seasoned steak fries or mashed potatoes to go along with your meal. You can even choose sweet potatoes. Other sides include salads, fresh vegetables, green beans, rice, mushrooms or even applesauce.

Of course, the favorite of many of the customers at Texas Roadhouse are the made from scratch dinner rolls. It is one of the first smells that hits you as you walk in the door. The smell even overpowers the wonderful smell of grilled steak. To top of these delicious rolls is a special cinnamon butter that you won’t find anywhere else. There have been times that customers have come in just for these great rolls.

To finish off your meal you have a desert menu. You can have a Granny’s Apple Classic, strawberry cheese cake or just a Big Ol’ Brownie. All of the choices make a great ending to your Texas Roadhouse experience.

If you want a unique dining experience with a variety of steak and other dishes, with a great choice of sides and desserts and the best rolls around, you will be more than happy with Texas Roadhouse. Combine that with the country atmosphere, the helpful staff and the music and line dances and you have a night out for dinner that can’t be beat.


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    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 4 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      mhatter - I would LOVE to come to California for a steak sandwich! One of these days!

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      You won't know how good your review is until you come to California and ask for a steak sandwich. :))