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The Best Bread Toaster to Buy

Updated on August 6, 2013
Best Bread Toaster
Best Bread Toaster

You don’t realise how difficult choosing a bread toaster can be until you desperately need to buy one pronto or go without the much loved toasted bread and jam breakfast in the morning. I always tended to go for your standard pop up toaster which did two slices of bread and had only two knobs protruding from its side.

I managed to figure out what the knobs were for one allowed me to adjust the heat level and the other was for lowering the bread slices into pop up toaster. It was a simple toaster to use and not that expensive to buy. Unfortunately it died on me suddenly I was without my much loved bread toaster.

Now; I said to myself how hard can it be to buy a toaster and went into my local supermarket where and headed to the electrical goods section. They had so any different brands, price range and feature lists that I found it difficult to decide. I was determined not to return home without a bread toaster, so I persevered and managed to buy one at the end, this hub is in an effort to help those toaster novices to select the best toaster to buy. I am not providing you with a list but just one toaster, make life easy, and if you’re looking for a simple, relatively cheap and reliable toaster then this is the one.

The Pop up Bread Toaster I purchased

After an exhaustive walk around all the electrical stores in the shopping mall, I found one this pretty nice little toaster - MORPHY RICHARDS Accents 4-Slice Toaster, it is in a nice copper shade and blends nicely in my kitchen with the other items. Almost all the bread toasters provide similar functions with some having added features.

If you are buying a toaster from high street electrical shops you may be offered additional warranty on the product for an extra cost. I normally do not go for these optional extras, having spent money on these product warranties before, only never to use them, I feel they can be a waste of money. Especially if you're only buying a toaster, considering they are not that expensive. In the case that your toaster should break down after the 1 year free product warranty period then just replace it with a new one rather than repair in my opinion.

Anyway the Morphy Richards 4 slice toaster provided the following:

Bread Toaster Features
Bread Toaster Features

If you are a single person then you may just go with a 2-slot toaster, a small bread toaster sufficient for just one or two breads to be toasted at a time. On the other hand if you have a family to feed breakfast to then a 2-slot bread toaster will not be quick enough to toast more than 2 slices, this is where a 4 or more slot toaster will be much more efficient and quicker at getting breakfast on the table.

If you don't live in the UK you may not be able to get a Morphy Richards, but don't despair, I have listed below some really good bread toasters which do more than just toasting a slice of bread. These can be ordered directly of Amazon.

Best toasters on the Market - at the best Price!

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Metal Toaster, Candy Apple Red
Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Metal Toaster, Candy Apple Red

This Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Toaster is popular not only for the expert toasting performance- but it also looks great in any kitchen. It has wider slots and comes with smart buttons which allow you to uniformly toast and warm bagels, English muffins and other breads, the best bit is that it uses advanced toasting technology ensuring a consistent toasting results every time.


The Morphy Richards Accents Toaster is a stylish addition to my kitchen, toasting my morning bread with its powerful 1800 watts of rapid toasting. The toaster also has adjustable widths that allow me to toast thicker breads and bagels it even manages to toast my croissants.

With a variable browning function it makes it easy to select the level of toasting required. A defrost and reheat function adds more convenience, I never use these features as my bread is always fresh. I wonder who eats frozen bread. The toaster also has a removable crumb tray for keeping things clean. No need to turn the bread toaster upside down to clean it out with difficulty.

Not wanting to make a huge deal out of simply buying a toaster, however when you are in need of one quickly then it can be rather hard to make up your mind on the best one for you. Which is why I'm sharing this hub, I hope you find it useful information.


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