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The Best Pizza - a Review of Some Popular Pizza Parlors

Updated on June 23, 2018

Pizza is an American Past Time

Pizza is one of those foods that is hard to categorize and describe. It can be a meal or just a snack. One can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Straight out of a brick oven or left to cool in a refrigerator overnight, pizza remains borderline gourmet. Contrary to popular belief, it can be quite healthy: you have your bread and grains group in the crust, you vegetable group in the sauce and toppings, your dairies in the cheese and with the topics your meats and more vegetables. It's quite the well rounded meal.

Because I happen to find pizza to be a delicacy, I am constantly searching for the better samples of this substance in whatever vicinity I happen to find myself in. Right now, I live in Bakersfield and there are plenty of shops to choose from. When making a pizza selection however, there are various options to consider: do you choose a national chain because you know what you are going to get? Should you consider a local franchise or a mom and pop type operation?

Here in Bakersfield I've chosen a couple to compare and review. I did find some reviews on sites like Yelp, but none of them did a side by side type of comparison. Some of the reviews for these sites varied too, as I am sure my own personal taste will have an influential bias which makes me favor certain flavors. You may agree with some of my opinions or not.

If you happen to ever be in the Bakersfield area, I hope you find this useful. If you live here. I hope you will be willing to provide feedback. If you are not from here, hopefully there are some of the restaurants that reviewed that are familiar to you.

Either way, thank you and keep eating pizza!

Some notes on the setup

The way I plan to design this review page is to have an overview in the beginning which describes my experiences with the pizza companies I've listed. I'll then have a brief review of certain specific restaurants below that. I hope to add to this list and expand on it as my opportunities to try new places grows. I welcome all suggestions for other pizza places as well.

Bakersfield Pizza Restaurants

Overall Rating
Bakersfield Pizza Co.
Magoo's Pizza
Mike's Pizza Express
Papa John's
Tony's (Delano)
Mountain Mike's Pizzeria

Ratings are from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest

The Bakersfield Pizza Co.

Bakersfield Pizza Co.

Taste Date: July 12, 2017

Not a bad pizza. Tasted a lot better than it looked. The crust was a little thinner than I expected. I did ask for regular because I didn't want the pan type pizza. He asked me if I wanted it crispy and I said slightly and it was. Although I kind of wished I would have asked for it regular because there wasn't much crust there. However, it was still pretty good.

The sauce was nice and thick with just the right amount of sweetness. I liked the mushrooms and the pepperoni. It wasn't on too thick or greasy. The peppers were all diced which was all right, and they used red and green bells. I usually prefer the green on a pizza and in larger cuts, but the red adds a sweetness that is nice and flavorful.

I gave it a rating of an 8 because it was better than average but didn't live up to my great pizza expectations. The sauce was a little thick in some areas - like the tomatoes were recently crushed. (this might be something some of you prefer). The crust was a little too thin and crunchy - I will have to go back and sample their pan.

The restaurant itself has a nice menu, however there is a large bar that takes up most of the back and side walls. The music was kind of loud and the acoustics were not pleasant to my ears. I wouldn't consider it a family place or somewhere I would go on first date. It would probably support certain types of business meetings - but you would probably have to speak a little louder to the people around you.

The prices were not too bad and the menu selection provided a nice variety of sandwiches and snacks to choose from.

Magoos on Brundage Ln.


Date Tried: June 22, 2017

Not quite what I expected. The pizza was pan style and the crust almost tasted like it was cooked from frozen - not like it was fresh dough. The pepperoni slices are also the larger kind - not bad, but just not what I was used to. I was told it would be about twenty minutes and when I got there in 10 the pizza was already ready. I'm beginning to think that a lot of places in Bakersfield have the pre-made pepperoni already started so it doesn't take that long to cook them.

The restaurant was quaint but empty. A pool table sat in the middle which I don't really take as a positive sign any more. If I were in my twenties, I would say "yeah!!!". The woman was nice that worked there, but the place was sort of dark. It was a hot day and early afternoon though.

The taste was just okay - not something I would rave over and it was really filling.

Magoos Pizza

The medium pie was about $15
The medium pie was about $15

See Magoo's above

Some snapshots of Magoo's pizza on Wible Road in Bakersfield - not too far from the mall.

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Tony's on California Ave in Bakersfield

Tony's Pizza

Well one would think that with a name like Tony's you would hafta be good pizza. Cause a name like Tony's implies things like say New Yahk, like the east coast or sometin', you know I should wanna tell you that it gets no bettah din dis, but I woulds be lyin to ya.

Tony's certainly wasn't bad, but it was't the best. I was expecting a thinner crust, like something you would find in New York. I thought they were associated with the establishment with the same name up in Delano, but the two taste nothing alike. I don't have any of the original pictures I took of my pie, but the crust was a little thicker than i like. It was tasty, the sauce wasn't too bitter or too sweet and the toppings were good. A little heavier on the cheese than necessary I thought, but not a biggie.

Seeking Your Questions

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More Queries

Do you agree pizza is on of the healthiest foods ever?

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Mike's Express Pizza

Mike's Express Pizza

Date: February 1, 2017

From my review on Yelp:

Not bad really although I was honestly a bit surprised when the guy told me 20 minutes on the telephone and then when I arrived about ten minutes later, the pizza was already ready in a box on top of the oven.

Not a very nice neighborhood, but the pizza was only 8 bucks for a pepperoni so it was a deal. I won't say it's the best, but it was nice and hot, had a pretty good taste. I saw most of the reviews on here were good so I didn't want to deviate too much,

If you area couple looking for an inexpensive people or a college kid, you might want to give them a try. i do agree the crust is a little fluffier than i like and I certainly prefer a little more bite to my pizza, but you can spice it up. I did find myself wondering if this was actually a premade one (frozen) heated up in an oven because it seemed a little too uniform and was cooked really fast - unless of course, they have premade ones lying around.

I'll go back one day, but it probably will not be my next choice....I'm still experiementing here in town.

Mike's Express Pizza

from their website
from their website

Mike's Express above

Not bad like I said...but not the best (at least I think there is better out there).

About 8 bucks for a medium pizza....not a bad price.

Thick or thin

Do you like Thick Crust or Thin Crust?

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