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The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant Dining Experience

Updated on October 27, 2017
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The Cheesecake Factory restaurant

The Cheesecake Factory restaurant dining experience has many elements. There is very nice ambiance in The Cheesecake Factory restaurant. It is such that you might meet a very busy parking lot since The Cheesecake Factory restaurant is so popular. At the area location of The Cheesecake Factory that I recently visited, some patrons were dining outdoors under a large awning. As you continue walking to the main entrance from the parking lot, you will be greeted by very large indoor plants, palms upon entering. The varieties of delicious flavors of cheesecake that The Cheesecake Factory is famous for are on proud display in a large glass case as you would typically see in a bakery. Across from that, you can announce the name and size of your party that will be dining and then sit on a bench near the entrance of The Cheesecake Factory as you wait to be seated at your table. The Cheesecake Factory is very accomodating. If you prefer to be seated at a more quiet booth away from the hustle, bustle and noise of the very busy and popular restaurant, then you can simply state your preference and be led to go sit in a section that is not quite as filled up and busy. Then the family can have a much more calm and enjoyable dining experience at The Cheesecake Factory.

Once you have been seated in your booth at The Cheesecake Factory, you might be more inclined to start looking around more at the decor. At this location, while far off from where we were seated, I noticed a massive bar with ocean blue colors and an island vibe. The bar displayed endless options for liquor. Additionally, the architecture of the restaurant was lovely with very high ceilings painted in light beige. The booths were lined with glass mirrored walls going all the way up to the high ceilings. At one point, we heard the loud noise of some glass shattering but we did not see where the glass broke and don't know precisely what occurred. The restaurant certainly had a lot of glass all around including the dining ware and these glass mirrored panels that I mentionwd. Black, orange and amber were colors that were predominantly featured in the furnishings and table lighting (glass lampshades).

The restroom at The Cheesecake Factory restaurant was clean and featured some innovative high powered hand dryers. I hadn't before seen any hand dryers quite like these in the public restroom of any establishment.

The waitstaff at The Cheesecake Factory were friendly and pleasant. They were very personable as well. When I thanked one waitress for her sincere patience with the kids, she said that she used to work at Walt Disney World and was used to working with kids. At one point when I said, "Oh my son really loves this sauce.", the waitress had said, "Well then, I'll bring him some more sauce right away." That was so nice!

While there had originally been long waits for the orders since there were just so many people in the restaurant that needed to be served, beverages were served promptly and the complimentary bread basket was full of fresh and soft French loaf style bread in assortment including white flour, whole wheat and pumpernickel topped with grains. The bread was very tasty and was served with butter. The complimentary bread basket can be generously refilled upon request. When the main entrees did arrive, anything else that we requested was given promptly, the extra sauce and refills on beverages were offered readily and with initiative.

The Cheesecake Factory offers a less economic but truly lovely and beautiful dining experience. A family of four can readily spend upwards of $80 on The Cheesecake Factory dining experience. A family like ours will humbly share portions and take in less calories as well. The gourmet burgers and chicken enchiladas are examples of foods from The Cheesecake Factory menu that are really very delicious. Two young children can readily share an adult entree or they can get two kids meals costing around $6 each. It can go either way.

When it comes time for dessert that The Cheesecake Factory is so famous for, everyone has eaten a modest portion of food and has saved room for dessert. Just one slice of The Cheesecake Factory's famous cheesecake can cost approximately $8.75. It is delicious and the portions are big. Our favorite is the carrot cheesecake. This is where members of an entire family of four can each take a fork to just one big slice of The Cheesecake Factory carrot cheesecake and dig in!

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The Cheesecake Factory restaurant offers nice ambience including mirrored walls and high ceilings.
The Cheesecake Factory restaurant offers nice ambience including mirrored walls and high ceilings.
The table booths at The Cheesecake Factory restaurant have soothing lighting with a lantern effect.
The table booths at The Cheesecake Factory restaurant have soothing lighting with a lantern effect.

© 2017 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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    • Journey * profile image

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 8 months ago from USA

      You're Welcome, Peggy. Thank you so much for giving your comment.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 months ago from Houston, Texas

      We have a Cheesecake Factory not too far from where we live (by Houston standards) and I have never been there. There may be others in town as well since it is a chain restaurant. Thanks for your review. I will know what to expect should we decide to go there.