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The Complete Secrets To A Wonderful Pecan Pie

Updated on June 28, 2013
Here on this Hub Page your going to finally discover the secrets to a wonderful Pecan Pie.
Here on this Hub Page your going to finally discover the secrets to a wonderful Pecan Pie.

The Complete Secrets To A Wonderful Pecan Pie

This morning at 5 A.M. I was driven from my bed by a desire for another piece of Pecan Pie. You see the day before I had cooked several of the most mouth watering pecan pies that I had ever tasted. And at around 2 A.M. when I went to bed I looked in the refrigerator and there was one piece of pecan pie setting there in the pan that it was baked in and over the next three hours while I tried to sleep I dreamed about that last piece of pecan pie and by 5 A.M. I was driven out of bed by the irrational fear that someone else in the house would get to that piece of pie before I could.

Fortunately for my sanity and my hunger for another piece of pecan pie that last piece of pecan pie was still there. As I reach for it I listened carefully to see if anyone else in the house was trying to sneak up on me and try to talk me out of that last piece of pecan pie. I spotted the cat approaching but not another human was in sight. I made my way to the table with my piece of pecan pie and sat down and enjoyed what I know was the last piece of the most wonderful pecan pie I had ever cooked. As I set there enjoying my homemade pecan pie I realized that I do truly make the most wonderful pecan pie in the world. And at that moment I knew that I had to share with the world the secret to making the most wonderful delicious pecan pie ever. And that's why I'm up here at 5 A.M. waiting for it to get daylight so I can go outside and wrestle the squirrels in the back yard for enough pecans to make another pie.

If you will check out the recipe below and make it I think you'll soon discover that maybe just maybe I do truly have the most wonderful recipe for pecan pie that you will ever taste.And I think you just may be surprised to learn that this pecan pie isn't quite as sweet as some pecan pies you may have tasted. It does have a secret ingredient not included in most recipes for pecan pie and that secret ingredient is apple cider vinegar. Yes apple cider vinegar has finally at long last made its way into pecan pie and it makes a pecan pie that just may keep you awake all night dreaming about it. I'm not sure if there's a Pecan Pie Anonymous (PPA ) around but you may think you need one. Especially if this delicious pie drives you out of bed at 5 A.M. to make another one.

World's Best Recipe For Pecan Pie

I suggest you use an already made pie shell for your pecan pie. Just buy a good quality pie crust. One of those in the tin foil pan will work perfect. Take a fork and poke lots of holes in rows in the bottom of your pie crust. You can of course make your pie crust if you like but I always use the already made crusts and they work perfect.

Be sure that the pecans you use in your pecan pie are fresh. Stale pecans or pecans that have been stored for a long time will never taste as delicious as freshly shelled pecans.

Your Pecan Pie Ingredients.

1. Three Large Eggs.

2. Two Tablespoons Fine Ground Pecans.

3. One Cup White ( Clear ) Karo Syrup.

4. One Half Stick Real Butter.

5. Two Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar.

6. One Teaspoon Vanilla Extract.

7. One Level Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.

8. One And One Half Tablespoons Half And Half.

9. One Cup Pecans.

10. One Pie Crust In The Tin Foil Pan.

The Secrets To Making A Wonderful Pecan Pie Revealed Here

To make your two tablespoons of finely ground pecans you'll need to run them through your food processor and puree them until they are very finely ground. This is one of the important secrets of this delicious pecan pie. The other secret is of course the apple cider vinegar. The combination of the finely ground pecans and the apple cider vinegar gives your pecan pie a flavor that you will never forget and I guarantee you it will have people begging you for more.

You will find that once you have this pecan pie cooked that you won't even know that the apple cider vinegar is in your pie. But the apple cider vinegar gives this pecan pie just a slight hint of a tart taste making this pecan pie unique in the world of pecan pie and I truly believe that this just may be the best pecan pie in the world. Please let me know what you think.

Use your electric hand mixer and in a well chilled large metal mixing bowl beat your three large eggs very well and then beat in all your other ingredients except the pecan half's. I suggest you beat the pureed fine ground pecans into the eggs once you have them well beaten.

Once you have everything mixed up in the mixing bowl pour it out into your pie shell and your ready to bake what quite possibly may be the best pecan pie you will ever taste in your life.

I use a metal mixing bowl and I set it in the refrigerator for about an hour before I mix up my pecan pie ingredients.

You will want to have your oven heated up to 400 degrees before you put your pie into the oven to bake. Let the pie bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes and then reduce the temperature to 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Take your pecan pie out of the oven and allow it to set for one hour before you slice and serve.

And you have just made what I consider to be the best pecan pie in the world. I make regular size pecan pies by this recipe and I also make miniature pecan pies by this recipe. I have been making this recipe now for about twenty five years and I can't even imagine how many of these pecan pies I have made but I know it has to be in the tens of thousands. I hope you will make this recipe and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading my Hub Page on Pecan Pie. I hope you enjoyed it and I truly hope there is a pecan pie in your future very soon. I hope you have a nice day.


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