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The Cookie Jar: Nabisco Oreos Double Stuf, Original, And Now Diet Oreo Cookies?

Updated on November 5, 2016

Oreo Cookies Going Mainstream Diet Cookies?

Long held as one of the premier sandwich cookies on the market, Oreo cookies, by Nabisco, have finally joined the mainstream diet marketing craze. Oddly enough, the decision was made by buyers (and enthusiasts) of Oreo cookies. That's right, without a single utterance from the Nabisco marketing machine, thousands of Oreo aficionados have decided to make the change for them.

Oreo Cookies by Nabisco
Oreo Cookies by Nabisco | Source

The Double Stuf Oreo Cookie Precipitation

For years people have enjoyed the original Oreo sandwich cookies, with the creamy white filling sandwiched between those distinctive black cookies. Who hasn't enjoyed an Oreo at least once?

Then Nabisco came up with the awesome tag line: "Milk's favorite cookie"! What a score. Not only "America's favorite cookie", but also "Milk's favorite cookie"! That is brilliant marketing. So now the country is in love with Oreo sandwich cookies. Everybody wants Oreo cookies all the time. But how do you top that?

Well, as most of you know, many people have gotten in the habit of twisting off the black chocolate cookies and eating the creamy filling first. Everywhere you looked, children and adults alilke were twisting their Oreos apart and gobbling up the cream white filling, and BAM! There's a new marketing idea! Enter the Double Stuf Oreo cookie.

Double Stuf Oreo Cookies Lead To Diet Oreo Cookies

It was another brilliant marketing insight. People are going nuts for the creamy filling in Oreo cookies, why not give them more of what they are craving. So the Double Stuf Oreo cookies were born, delivering even more creamy filling delight in each sandwich cookie.

The advent of the Double Stuf Oreo cookie resulted in a market where one could now buy really amazing, over-the-top sweet, delightful cookies OR one could by regular Oreo cookies without the Double Stuf. Just normal, delicious cream filled Oreo cookies. Where there is a need, it will be filled, even if by the consumers themselves.

Regular Oreo Cookies: The New Diet Oreo Cookies

Once Double Stuff Oreo cookies became more and more mainstream, it led the way for them to be considered the 'regular' Oreo cookie of choice. If you regularly reach for the Double Stuf Oreos, and the original Oreo cookies become the second choice cookies, you start to think of the Double Stuf Oreos as the 'regular' Oreo cookies. Which could only mean one thing...

If the original Oreo cookie had so much less creamy white filling than the Double Stuf Oreo cookies, which are now considered the 'normal' or 'mainstream' Oreo... it makes sense the the original, regular Oreo cookies would now be considered DIET OREO COOKIES!

No, this was not another brilliant marketing stroke by the Nabisco marketing team. This one came directly from consumers looking for a way to rationalize the delicious, irresistible delight one experiences when eating an Oreo cookie, with or without milk!

Disclaimers And Oreo Cookie Nutrition Information

Please keep in mind, all claims in this article are completely fiction, intended for the entertainment of the reader, and not to be relied upon for investment decisions, or dieting decisions too, for that matter!

If you would like to get the real scoop on Oreo cookies, check out this Nabisco website where you can find links to nutrition data on all their cookie products.

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    • Smaridge01 profile image

      Smaridge01 7 years ago from Florida

      I'm with you Bel, it's Diet Oreos all the way for me too! Thanks!

    • Bel Marshall profile image

      Bel Marshall 7 years ago from Michigan

      LOL! I don't like the double stuff much sugar and lard in one sitting. But I do like the "diet" ones.