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The Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe on the Planet

Updated on July 4, 2013
Who can resist home-made chocolate cake?
Who can resist home-made chocolate cake?

Very Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

How Easy can a Chocolate Cake Be?

Super easy. Okay, that's a mighty big claim but as chocolate cakes go this one is extremely easy and what's more it makes a nice, big moist cake that would satisfy a large family. It's also an excellent recipe for beginner cooks.

Why bother with with a packet mix when you make a fresh chocolate cake in a hop, skip and jump around the kitchen?

Fresh ingredients are always best as you know exactly what's going into the cake and what's more, it tastes 100% better than a packet mix cake. I've made it dozens of times and never had a failure yet.

This cake requires a largish size cake tin, square or round...bigger than a sponge tin, as the mixture will veer dangerously close to spilling over the sides if the tin is too small.

What You'll Need


butter or margarine



self-raising flour



vanilla essence

Hint: Don't overcook this cake,as it may turn out a little too dry. You want it nice and moist.


large mixing bowl

measuring cup

flour sifter


electric beaters

large cake tin

Make sure your mixing bowl is big enough
Make sure your mixing bowl is big enough | Source
Let cakes cool before icing and decorating
Let cakes cool before icing and decorating
5 stars from 3 ratings of Home-made Chocolate Cake


Sift dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl

Add softened butter, milk , eggs and vanilla essence

Mix with electric beatures for three minutes

Pout into a large, greased baking tin

Cook in a moderate oven for 35 to 40 mins fan-forced [but keep an eye on it as ovens can vary. I'd be checking at the 30 minute mark]

When cool, Ice with chocolate icing and sprinkles or coconut, M&M's or 100s and 1000s if desired

Decadent...but nice
Decadent...but nice

Some General Tips About Cake Making

  • Always pre-heat your oven before you start mixing the ingredients. This way the oven temperature will be just right when your ready to cook
  • Unlike sponge cakes, butter cakes can be left to cool in the tin for a little while. Attempting to invert the cake straight from the oven makes it a little more prone to breaking up
  • For greasing the pan, spray oils from a can are by far the easiest method. If you do it the old fashioned way with butter, warming the empty tin in the oven for a minute will make it easier to spread
  • Test the cake for readiness by spearing the centre with a knife or skewer. If it comes out clean, your cake is done
  • If your cake is brown enough but still soft in the middle you can prevent further browning by placing some baking paper on top of the cake


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