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Farmers - Have you considered what would happen to mankind without them to supply our food ?

Updated on September 1, 2016
Grain production
Grain production
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Cutting hay
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Dairy farming
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Chicken farming
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Arable farming
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Fruit farming

The Farmers are guilty of:

Trying to make a reasonable living.

Trying to work less than 18 hours each day, seven days a week.

Of using their own capital (or borrowed from the bank) to finance a crop, or livestock with no guarantee of ever recouping the outlay.

Of their final product being at the mercy of weather, disease, poachers, vandals and the vagaries of the food market and whim of the buying public.

Of being at the mercy of a Government who cares little and understands even less about the problems of agriculture and livestock farming.

Of being at the mercy of our possibly corrupt masters in Europe who have their own agenda regarding farming and all industry in the UK.

Of being subject to vilification, lies, innuendo, fabrication and down right childish name calling from both individuals and politicians who, quite frankly, don’t know their a*se from their elbow.

Forget the subsidies, they don’t want them. What they want is the freedom to grow or rear what the market demands, not what the politicians decide. This freedom will allow them to provide the right product at a price the public can afford. Currently the EU props up the uneconomic EU farmer, using your tax money, by restricting the efficient producer and applying draconian tariffs to products from outside the EU. You could buy oilseed rape at 60% of EU price directly from Africa, but the import tariff (CAP) pushes the final price to well over the EU price. There is hardly a product you can name that, without the EU import tariffs, you couldn’t buy significantly cheaper from elsewhere. Selling prices, to industry, for oilseed rape, are fixed by the barons in Rotterdam. I can assure you this is nothing like the price the farmer gets. The price of meat is dictated by the accountants, it is no longer a food, it is a commodity to be written up and down in value to suit the needs of the City Fat Cats.

Apparently our critics feel that they can do without farmers. OK let all British farmers band together and withhold their products from the market, for a period of say 6 months. Let the public suddenly realise how much of their daily food becomes short or unobtainable. Watch the wholesale racketeers force prices sky high for inferior imported products. Wait for the screams from the Government when they realise the millions in export sales that have suddenly ceased. How long before we have a state of emergency declared – 1 week, 2 weeks ? I don’t give it much longer.

Now tell me if there would be the same effect if Ford stopped producing cars, Sony – televisions, etc, etc.

In this life we have 3 staple requirements: food, shelter and clothing. The last two items in a civilised world do not normally disappear overnight, but this country normally carries food stocks of little more than 4/5 days, after which you are on your own chum ! Threaten to remove food and watch civilisation disappear faster than your tax money into the EU drain.

It is often said that society is 3 meals from total anarchy - I would go a little further and fear that even the suggestion of food shortages are enough to turn the population into ravening hordes. What other industry is this true of yet we treat farmers casually and with almost contempt.


It is a failing of us all that we give little thought as to just where our food comes from. I'm sure many of us consider the supply chain to be no further than the supermarket and fail to think about where our meat and vegetables originate. Supermarkets rely on "just in time" deliveries to reduce costs and storage room and are usually just hours from running out. Can you imagine the chaos if this happened over a wide area.

What do you understand about farming and how it affects you personally ?

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© 2012 Peter Geekie


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    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 4 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Thanks for your comment Dave.

      Farmers are much maligned but absolutely essential.

      kind regards Peter

    • DaveOnline profile image

      David Edward Lynch 4 years ago from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

      I just wrote a short hub about questioning whether farmers deserve more recognition for their contribution to society, then I saw your hub when I had completed mine. I'm quite new here so I'm still finding my way around; enjoyed reading your hub.