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The Health Benefits of Eating Sourdough Bread

Updated on December 11, 2015

What are the benefits of eating bread made with sourdough starter?

Recently my co-mother-in-law (is that really a word?) gave me something called a sourdough starter. I’d never heard of it before, but with a few quick instructions on its care I was about to start an adventure.

First thing I found out is that you don’t just OWN sourdough starter, it is a living, breathing thing that must be fed and kept clean and that has a heck of a personality to it (which my husband and I found out about the hard way – more on that in part two of this article HOW TO MAKE SOURDOUGH STARTER BREAD.) You even need a sitter if you are going to leave it while out of town because, depending on who you are talking to, it has to be FED anywhere from daily to every couple of days.

Also, there is a whole community of sourdough starter “parents” out there who are so loyal to this form of natural yeast that they actually NAME their starter pots... REALLY?!?! By the way, mines name is “Mr. Blob” so yea, throw me into that mix too as I am now a LOYAL user of him for ALL my bread and sweetbread mixes and believe me once you try it you’ll be hooked.

The breads that are made using it (I feel like I just called one of my children an object) are very healthy and good for you (as I put my lab coat on and pull down my chart so I can use my pointer to explain).

· This is REAL sourdough bread which is FULL of probiotic microorganisms like what’s found in yogurt and is GREAT for the digestive system. Without adequate microflora inside your system, you cannot absorb nutrients from foods.

· These breads contain uniquely balanced proteins, fatty acids, cellulose, minerals, and innumerable other nutrients our bodies need.

· They provide vitamins B1 through B6 from lactobacillus and B12 vitamins from wild yeast. Wild yeast multiplies aerobically. This is because they have oxygen in them (not free radical oxygen ions) that feed your blood cells and not cancer cells. Most plant proteins including grains, seeds, cereals, beans, nuts, and some grasses form gluten. However, sourdough microflora has all the amino acids available, without the protein that forms gluten.

· It depletes damaged starch in bread, thus diabetic people should not get insulin shock. It is a misconception that whole wheat is better than white flour for diabetics (the Glycemic difference is only 1%).

· Produce acids, which will break down and remove some of the glutens from the bread. Acids do not allow mold and most bad bacterial growth. Alkaline with high pH allows mold growth and toxins. Mold ferments at a higher pH, allowing bad bacterial growth and the secretion of toxins. The absence of acids is abnormal, even animals have acid stomachs to kill bad bacteria.

· Offset the effects of phytic acid, which robs your body of precious minerals.


So that is the basic information on the health benefits of eating breads made from sourdough starter. For more information on how to make and care for sourdough starter, please read part two to this article:

How to Make Sourdough Starter Bread

Enjoy... and HAPPY EATING!!!

© 2013 Laura Rash


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    • Attikos profile image


      6 years ago from East Cackalacky

      Looking forward to Pt. Deux ...

      I once started a starter just by setting the batter outdoors, covered with cheesecloth. There's yeast in them thar airs. That's how our forebears did it, and given we're here and therefore they presumably forebore us it didn't kill them, so I figured why not give it a try?


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