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The History Behind Chocolate Coins

Updated on February 28, 2010

Chocolate Coins

History of Chocolate Coins

All of you may have seen how chocolate coins "become modern" in the stores around mid-winter. Do you know why? I don`t think, unless you are Jewish. This chocolate coins, which are only a tasty treat for us, are very important part of the Jewish Hanukkah celebrations. They have named this chocolate coins "gelt" which means money.

They are usually given out to kids in the family to help them enjoy the holiday. Sometimes this gelt can be even in real coins, which in fact is most used in richer families, or in places where people are not accustomed to chocolate coins. In fact this gelt is called also dmei Hanukkah.

Each of these chocolate coins should look like a real one. It should have face side,tail side and a writing! Of course it should be stamped too. You can find it in drug stores, grocery stores, high end chocolatiers and all other places where tasty and delicious chocolate is sold. 

The price? The price will reflect the quality of the chocolate inside, so the more expensive chocolate coins you buy, better quality you will get.

It is interesting that this tradition is invented mostly in twentieth century. Because this was the time when chocolate get into our lives. By this time Jewish children started to use this coins in other games - like dreidel games, which is big part of the Hanukkah celebrations.

But all that information doesn`t mean that chocolate coins are not used before centuries. Some civilizations enjoyed in equally as we enjoy it now! They were reserved for only special occasions and all tribe waiting for the beginning of celebrations. And of course these chocolate coins were the best gift for every children in the family!


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    • profile image

      sam smith 6 years ago

      whats the main company that makes chocolate coins?

    • axeny profile image

      axeny 7 years ago

      I am waiting for all of these chocolate lovers start crying "I LOVE CHOCOLATE". Of course i am one of them so: