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The Incredible, Edible, Potluck Theme Show

Updated on September 13, 2014
Jefferson County Democrats. (2014). Dems Potluck Meeting with Congressman Kilmer! Retrieved September 13, 2014 from
Jefferson County Democrats. (2014). Dems Potluck Meeting with Congressman Kilmer! Retrieved September 13, 2014 from | Source

1. The Exotic Delicacies Potluck

This isn’t for the weak of heart or taste-buds, rather. This won’t appeal to everyone, unless of course they are opened minded to trying new foods, and discovering unique health benefits of foods, one may not even consider food, or consider eating… This menu should consist of each person bringing something new, strange or weird, that they may have tried or may have vowed not to try. The course can include any of the following: alligator, snake, chocolate covered bacon, escargot (snails), cactus, crickets, frog legs, calamari, octopus, pig’s feet, chitterlings and the like…

2. The Holiday Theme Potluck

Sure, we’ve all participated in your standard, run of the mill holiday themed potluck, but did we really participate? For the Halloween potluck did you bring any dish or food resembling eyeballs or fingers, or something bloody (besides ketchup)? For Valentine’s did you bring in finger sandwiches resembling hearts or heart shaped chips? For Christmas, aside from the Christmas tree, gingerbread man, and stocking shaped cookies, did you see Santa’s face in the Egg Nog bowl? That’s the idea: for every holiday, anything you bring must be in the shape of or encompass a shape or impression or color representative of the holiday; therefore if you bring steak for Valentine’s Day, cut it in a heart shape. If you bring potato salad for St. Patrick’s Day, at least put it in a bowl shaped like a shamrock, and add in a shamrock decoration or put green dye in the potato salad to color it green! Do something to really represent the holiday theme!

3. “I’ve Never Been There…But Always Wanted to Go” Potluck

Sure, we’ve all heard of the international or around the world potluck, and typically people bring dishes they are familiar with from their homeland or perhaps their favorite foreign food from a foreign restaurant or the like. The challenge here is to get people to bring a dish from a place they have never been, but wanted to go to, that way, they may just find something they have never tried or tasted before, to broaden their horizons, so to speak.

4. My Favorite Letter Potluck

The idea is to put everyone’s name in a hat, and some random letters of the alphabet in another hat. The host of the potluck or one’s boss can pick a name from the hat, with eyes closed. The person whose name is selected will then pick a letter from the other hat with eyes closed, so everything is at random, and it’s as if fate decided. Based on the letter picked, everyone must bring a dish that starts with that letter. For example, if the letter Z is selected, people can bring Zucchini dishes or Ziti, etc. If no one can think of a food dish starting with the letter picked, have your boss or the host select a name once more, after discarding the bad letter and the person chosen select a letter at random….

5. My favorite Color Potluck

Just like my favorite letter potluck, the only difference is to put slips of paper in a hat containing different colors opposed to letters. Whatever color is selected will have to be the color of the food people bring, it does not have to contain dye but can. If purple is selected: bring grapes or cabbage, eggplant, and plums for example.

Overall, enjoy… Eating at its finest…



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