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The Komodo Kamado 23" Ultimate Smoker and Grill

Updated on December 15, 2015

Komodo Kamado 23" Ultimate Smoker and Grill

The Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate Smoker and Grill has a multilayer designed construction for both performance and long lasting durability. It comes to your door step loaded with three 304 3/8” stainless grids for cooking that can be utilized in the cooker in 4 various positions. The total area is 978 square inches. The lower grill area is 329 square inches, the main grill is 375 square inches and the upper grill area is 274 square inches. One of its most impressive features is that the Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate Smoker and Grill happens to be cast utilizing refractory cement, which is the same industrial materials utilized for containing high temperatures in establishments that incorporate nuclear facilities and even blast furnaces. The gross weight of the Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate Smoker and Grill is three hundred four kg or 668 pounds, with all its components crated. The base is three hundred sixteen pounds with the lower grill being thirteen pounds, the main grill being seventeen and a half pounds and the upper grill being thirteen pounds. There is an upper stainless steel grill, a stainless drip pan, a lower grill, a rotisserie ready with optional cradle and a stainless steel charcoal basket There is also a ready BBQ guru rock stoker ready.

Perfect and Refined

The 23 ultimate grill is Komodo Kamado's original flagship, known previously as the OTB. In the past decade, each of the components has been perfected and refined. In terms of performance, you will enjoy effortless grilling and it is actually an absolute pleasure to use. From baking pizza to slow, low smoking, you can cover and use this grill with style. Whether you are buying your very first smoker to create your favorite smoked meat or are a competitive, professional chef, your highest expectations will, in a word, be exceeded by the Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate Smoker and Grill, bar none.

The Moment It Arrives

The moment you unpack the grill, you get a first look at how very well the total process for unpacking the grill has been thought-out. The behemoth grill is easily transported to wherever you want to position it in your home or restaurant. The quality of the Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate Smoker and Grill is probably the first thing you will notice above everything else. It is absolutely brimming over in high quality. The grill is stainless steel consisting of three-eighths thick steel which feels virtually indestructible, and it probably is. For most people, it is a great looking grill and is even better looking than the picture. Many regret not having bought it earlier. There are various colors you can choose from, and can even have a custom-made color done for you.

Brilliant Design

It is not easy to decide which of the details are most brilliantly designed when it comes to the Ultimate 23 grill. There are top three design features you will most likely be sure to love: the draft drawer, the acrylic tile grout and the easy screw top and offset chimney. Old fashioned folks like me are used to draft drawers that slide inwards and outwards controlling the airflow in the bottom, which require constant adjustments for temperature to be maintained. In the Ultimate 23 grill, the draft drawers include an attached knob to a vent style with a dial that makes airflow control truly easy. The drawer still closes and opens but you won't really need this particular features You can control the airflow by tweaking the dial and this is actually very reliable and accurate, thankfully.

For the tile there is an acrylic grout. The constant cooling and heating of the grill is a big consideration and had this been a grill that has a traditional tile grout, it would not have lasted very long. On the other hand, the The Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate Smoker and Grill has a contracting and expanding capacity due mainly to its acrylic grout. When the grill has maximum heat, it almost feels as if the tiles float, but really they are not. Obviously, this grout is not the typical kind you find in every grill. It turns out that the material used on the Kamado 23 is the same type used by NASA which can take cooling and heating to extremes, particularly the kind that are produced by ceramic grills.

The easy screw top and offset chimney is not placed in the grill center where there is direct hot air that gets siphoned outwards from the grill. This keeps the portion of the upper oven heat very stable and lets it heat up even more with complete safely. There are deep channels into the fitting that the chimney top screws into. The top gets to effortlessly spin because of the deep channels. As the grill cools and heats, the grill top still easily spins. If you have utilized another barbecue ceramic, you will soon come upon the realization that this grill truly works, and not only that, it works truly well with a capital 'W' and this comes from first hand experience.

Side Tables and Cabinets

You might want to add cabinets and a side table or two to your Kamado 23 grill. Designed perfectly, the Komodo cabinets sit against your walls and have cutouts so that there is proper clearance when you open your Komodo. At the same time, you can then close the cabinet between the wall and the grill with supreme ease. There is a basic bracket on the side table that has 2 steel rods that slip in perfectly and which screws to the side. It is practically just a '2-minute job' to install the side tables. For the cabinets, you will most likely love the fact that there are a lot of different options. For the drawers, you can also select a teak finish which is simply gorgeous, and adds an upgraded look to your space, no matter where you decide to install it.

Great for Grilling Fish

The baking stone is perfectly designed for fitting in the middle grill within the upper grill stands if you want to use both simultaneously. This is great for creating sumptuous pizzas at home, but really, you might want to use this for fish. For those who prefer not cooking with the use of charcoal, then the gas burner is the one to us. This comes with a natural gas jet and a propane. These both work great, and you will realize this first hand the first time you actually use them.

Must-Have Accessories

For the Ultimate 23 grill, there are a few accessories you can select from After its arrival you might even want to include the side table and cabinet. Other accessories include the drip pan, deflector plate and rib rack. The drip pan is not necessary for some, but if you check it out, you will most likely not be able to resist the way this pan looks, as it is quite easy on the eyes, so to speak. The deflector plate sits on the bottom grill perfectly. The heat is pushed off the grill sides by this plate and prevent a middle-area hot spot, resulting in more evenly cooked dishes and recipes. The rib rack is great as you can get six or more racks of the juiciest baby back ribs smoked. On the middle grill, the rack can hold all six of your baby back ribs.

The Latch

Before I forget, I will need to mention that there is a second cam and a latch on the lid. When you close the grill, the latch slips easily into place. From the seal, a bit of smoke escapes. On the other hand, if you put pressure on the lids, the latch rolls over the cam and there is an air tight seal on the lid. Unlike other ceramics, the Komodo Kamado 23 has a feature such as this one, which is positively brilliant. There is a forty-five degree angle on the top and the bottom portion has a gasket that locks together compeltely. This is one of the Ultimate 23's best features, by the way.

Delicious Ideas

You will most likely feel confused about what to cook first on this grill. You can use a custom rub on baby back ribs as well as bourbon bacon sauce and smoke this for three hours at 225 degrees in the grill. You won't really have to adjust the airflow and this keeps every thing absolutely steady. You might be surprised how fast your guests eat the ribs as the meat falls completely off the bone and you get unbeatable flavor all around.

On the baking stone you might want to cook salmon with a spicy salsa of mango grilled at four hundred degrees. From slow and low to high, searing temperatures, this is most likely going to be the best grilling experience thus far for you and your friends. You will know this first hand as soon as you try it for yourself!

Best Grill Ever

For those who love cooking on every type of grill, from slow and low classic barbecue like pork butts, ribs and brisket to searing restaurant steaks at eight hundred degree temperatures, cold smoking pork belly, cheese, salmon and making your own baking, not to mention roasting the best tasting spicy wings of chicken, pizza and bread, grills are actually quite versatile in terms of being able to cook all types of food. Those who are current owners of various types of smokers including ceramic ones will notice how the Komodo Kamado happens to be a head above the rest. The construction quality, design detail and the superlative customers that are offered by the company to consumers make each and every cent you spend on it more than worth it. Unlike other companies, this one comes equipped fully with heat deflectors and extra grills so much so that you will be able to cook a broad range of various food. In other words, when you really think about it plus the years of use you can get from this one grill, it all makes sense.

This does not even mention what a work of art it happens to be! When the sun comes up each and every day, you will love the way it glimmers on the grill on your deck. There is a broad range of palette colors you can choose from including the color of the ceramic tiles that cover this. Again, superior engineering and quality are distinctly incorporated in this grill so that it lasts and entire lifetime and beyond.

Cooking Versatility

If you are looking for a great charcoal grill that can cook low and slow grilled, smoked burgers, sear steaks, hot dogs, roast turkey, chicken, bake pizza and bread, smoke fish and roast veggies, this is the one to choose. As a matter of fact it might be safe to say that this cooker is able to cook practically any recipe you own! In hardware stores you can find the natural charcoal lumps and you can also attempt making coconut extruded charcoal that is able to burn hotter and longer than other types, which will make your grill more economical. You can enjoy up to eighty hours of cooking time when you use one full basket of charcoal in the Komodo 23. This includes four hundred degrees of high cooking or two hundred degrees of low cooking, in Fahrenheit of course.

You may even enjoy you 23 so much that you might opt to purchase other versions, as these are great to cook with and you will be able to enjoy twice the amount of cooking time you currently have.

Great Customer Service

You will love the great customer service that the company provides. All your questions will be answered promptly and each issue will be followed through beginning from the point of sales all the way up until the shipping. Even after you have used the grill, you get follow up calls to ensure everything runs smoothly. What more do you want in a grill for cooking?


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    • wilderness profile image

      Dan Harmon 

      6 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Wow! What a grill! More that I would ever use, but I can still drool over it.


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