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The Many Uses of Tea Bags

Updated on March 23, 2009


I love drinking tea it is possibly my most favorite drink around. I like to try different flavors and types as well. I can drink it hot or cold and with different things added to it like limes, lemons and other fruits.  But there is more to tea than just a great drink.  Teas have other uses and purposes as well. Teas have healing powers and they smell really good.

FOR PLANTS – Water your plants with tea, the plants seem to like it and responds well to the tea. You can just boil some water and add a bag or two of tea and let the water cool before you add it to your plants.  You can also soak your old used tea bags in water.  This would be good if you save your old tea bags for later; I save my tea bags for different uses.

FOR BETTER SMELLS – I use tea bags to help my microwave, refrigerator, and garbage disposal smell better. In the microwave I put a cup of water and add a tea bag or two (I like a cinnamon, fruit or vanilla flavor best) and let the water heat up for two minutes and then leave it in the microwave for two more minutes.  Then I carefully remove the cup and wipe the inside of the microwave clean it smells wonderful.  I then put the tea bag in the refrigerator which helps to take orders out of the refrigerator too.  I also pour the tea down the garbage disposal as well and run it to make that smell well. 

DIGESTION – Licorice and peppermint teas are great for digestion and stomach conditions as well as other remedies; peppermint tea helps to relax the stomach. Licorice and peppermint tea helps with digestion and calms the stomach and helps with diarrhea, cramps and upset stomach. Brew a cup of either or combine the both for maximum effect.  Drink at least twice a day for several days to help return your stomach to healthiness.

RELAXATION – Licorice, peppermint and Chamomile teas are great for relaxing.  Drink a hot cup of tea any flavor to help to relax and unwind. If you use licorice tea it also helps to relieve headaches depending on the headache you might have to drink a couple of cups to relieve. Make a tea bath to help unwind and smell great too, soak away the pain and problems of the day.

SKIN IRRITATIONS – Cool wet tea bags work great on itches, redness, sores, and swelling.  Put wet tea bags on poison ivy, sunburns, bee stings, canker sores, warts and other skin irritations. The tea bags help to soothe and in some instances heal the irritation. You can even cool old use tea bags in the refrigerator to cool the irritation as well especially when they feel hot or burn. You will be amazed how well the tea bags work.

FOOD – Tea can help to flavor both meat and fish and helps to tenderizer cheaper cuts of meat.  Try cooking meat and fish in tea water; for example use lemon or orange tea with fish.  You can also place the tea bags in the bottom of the pan with some water for stronger flavor and to help the meat to tenderize. Add teas to all types of meals for a different flavor.

COLDS AND FLUS – Drinking tea can help to calm a cold. Try drinking licorice tea if you have a sore throat or put a cough drop in to a cup of tea to help with the sore throat and to clear up your sinuses.  Use wet cold tea bags on tired and red eyes they will help to get the swelling and bags down.  Wet cold tea bags also help with other swelling and irritations on the body.

FOR BABY – Colicky babies can be soothed with catnip tea and fennel. Mix them together and give a little bit to a grumpy baby in a few moments they will be calmed.  If breasts are sore from nursing use wet tea bags to reduce pain, place them over the nipples for about 15 minutes a few times a day until relief. If baby is teething you can give them a cool tea bag to suck on just for a few moments. 

These are just a few of the things that you can use tea and tea bags for, there are so many more uses for them such as decorations and potpourri to name a few.  Tea and tea bags can be used as soothers; for sore throats, swollen or irritated skin and to calm and relax the whole body. So grab your favorite flavor of tea and have a cup or two!  



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