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The Odd Origin of the Hass Avocado

Updated on April 3, 2013

Hmm. Avocados are always associated with the countries of Mexico or Latin America where groves and acres are grown and imported into grocery stores around the world. They have the warmer clime and produce great tasting ones.

The Hass avocado would seem to be German-related simply because of its German sounding name- Hass. The Hass avocado is but one of about 600 avocado varieties, but the Hass has the very creamy and rich texture and taste. It is a delight to eat.

The story begins with Rudolph Hass in the 1920's. He lived in Whittier, California, in Southern California, which does have a sub-tropical climate. Rudolph worked at the US Postal Service. As a hobby, he planted avocados on his two acre farm. Back then, California had about 19 varieties being grown in southern California. The dominant fruit was called the "Fuerte" and had a bright green skin and smooth texture.

Hass grew his seedlings into trees and they gave him avocados, which he sold. The years passed and his kids grew up. By 1935, one of his kids show their father that out of a dozen trees, one tree had produced a different looking fruit with a dark, nubbly, skin. Hass sliced it opened and tasted it and found it far creamier and tastier than the "Fuerte". Hass instinctively obtained a patent for the special avocado. Later, in went into partnership with a local nursery to create more and split the sales.

It should be noted that only one of the trees was found to produce this special odd avocado. It was located on West Road in La Habra Hts. In 1935, it was open land with other avocado trees, but as time moved on, the land became a housing development and a home was built on the same plot.

Hass would die and his kids would grow up, yet the tree that have the world the millions of Hass avocados survived until 2002, when it got root rot. To commemorate it, the owners laid a bronze plaque.

Avocados are super foods that have anti-aging, cancer fighting qualities. They regulate blood sugar, prevent arthritis and promote healthy hearts. They contain a lot of antioxidants and B5, B6 , E and K vitamins.

The Hass avocado was a fluke, unnoticed by Hass until one of kids noticed it. The rest of the story is history.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks. I love back stories of success and this one was pretty cool.

    • Doodlehead profile image


      5 years ago from Northern California

      Well, that was fun reading. I eat at least one avocado every day....sometimes in a salad, sometimes mashed on bread with a bunch of veggies, sometimes just by itself out of the skin.....I considered leaving California at times, and each time I considered it I asked myself if I could leave those avocados I am so used to eating fresh every day. Here I have access to perfectly ripe unblemished avocados and when I've seen them in other states sometimes they are blemished or mushy or not how they should be.....or not how Californians are used to finding them.

      Having easy and ready access to these yummy and large and creamy Haas avocados is probably he reason I have stayed in California .......

      Cute story...I will remember it when I eat my avocados every day!


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