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The Power of Baking Soda: Natural, Cheap and Very Useful

Updated on July 29, 2015
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The thousand uses of baking soda

Okay, okay it may be an exaggeration saying that baking soda has a thousand uses. It is more admissible to say on the court of common sense that baking soda has over a hundred uses and that is still a substantial amount of uses to attribute to a substance whose price is so cheap. To think that you can buy four pounds for a little less than three dollars is a pretty rotund marker of how cheap it is.

Mixing carbonic acid and sodium hydroxide chemically creates baking soda. The mix of an acid with a base will always (with some exceptions) make a salt. The carbonic acid is clearly an acid and the sodium hydroxide, an alkaline metal, come together to make this slightly acidic volatile salt you will come to love by the end of this article.

When I use the term volatile I don’t mean that sodium bicarbonate (its other name) is dangerous. This just means that it has mildly amusing reactions with certain elements. For example if you have not tried it yet I would encourage you to add to a cup of water two tea spoons of baking soda. If you didn’t know it already the baking soda will react as an effervescent substance in the water and make the water a bubbly place of madness for a few seconds.

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Normally, carbonated substances have this sort of reaction with water and other soluble mediums. Say for example your stomach. This substance also has an effervescent effect on your stomach that can be beneficial. This is when if you haven’t you will drink that cup of water with the baking soda. You may think that I’m teasing you, but, it is actually the first of many uses you will give to this well known to be kitchen ingredient. Surprise! Drinking a cup of cold water with baking soda will help you with heartburns and problems with acidity. Sounds great no?

Well it gets better this effervescent property of sodium bicarbonate makes it nifty for opening pores. It is excellent for cleansing and whitening as you brush your teeth. This is why most if not all toothpaste manufacturers will add baking soda to their chemical compound to aid the whitening process.

Feeling a little intoxicated by your surroundings? Well, normal baths will just leave you sitting in your own filth for a couple of minutes. Be it as relaxing as it may, it won’t bring you the benefits of detox you need. You should add a pound or two of baking soda to the tub. Make sure it is not filled to the top as the baking soda may add to the overflow of water when you enter the tub. Mix it with a couple of drops of menthol or any other aromatic element and hot water and you’ll have a homemade spa in no time.

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This will prop open your pores and capture almost any form of toxin in your skin and remove it. Baking soda with any other exfoliating element will do wonders for your skin as well and help you deal with acne. Teens sharing secrets to kick pimples to the curb have often mentioned applying toothpaste to the nasty buggers. It dries them up. The first and most probable cause that this may work is the sodium bicarbonate in the toothpastes. Don’t believe me yet? Try it.

The cleansing uses of baking soda aren’t only applicable to the human body. Sodium bicarbonate can also be an effective cleaning element you may want to start using in your home. Mix it with a little vinegar and you have a powerful whitening agent better than your Clorox. With this you can avoid using harmful chemicals that will (in the long run) cause some respiratory ailments and other health complications you may not be aware you are incurring in.

Baking soda is completely natural and does not involve much in the way of processing to be produced. Surprisingly, it has only been in the market no more than a century. Arm and hammer was the first company to commercially advertise the wonder powder to the world in 1867. In the early 1900s, the company presented baking soda as a healing product and they even provided instructions to use it as a natural remedy in many forms.

Sodium bicarbonate is also present in deodorants, laundry detergent and fire extinguishers. You can use it as a substitute for these substances but make sure you add it when you have water as a medium. If certain fires can’t be put out with water, pouring water on them can actually make them worse. Grease fires for example are best put out with an extinguisher or... Did you guess it? Yes, baking soda.

Baking Soda is the wizard of wizards!

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Sodium bicarbonate can be applied on armpit stains and directly on your armpit to reduce and remove the accumulation of the deodorant and its chemical compounds from your body and your clothes. Make sure you apply water and use a healthy amount of it as you indulge on your affair.

In the cleaning department, this natural product is the wizard of wizards. Put half of your regular detergent and half for sodium bicarbonate to your washing load and your clothes will have a neutral clean and pleasant smell, besides, your clothes colors will be enhanced.

If the toilet bowel is looking rather yellow, don’t hesitate on pouring some sodium bicarbonate on it and letting it sit for half an hour. It is said that baking soda was poured on the statue of liberty for centenary and it was sparkly clean shortly there after. A toilet bowl shouldn’t be a problem for baking soda if you take this into consideration.

You’d also be surprised to know that baking soda is used for nothing other than baking! Yes. With so many health applications and cleaning I got kind of hungry and it is true that sodium bicarbonate can be used to bake anything from a cake to a pizza. There are hundreds upon hundreds of recipes that include baking soda in them, some are healthier than others.

On the topic of food and fridges, many people actually keep a box of baking soda in their fridges to keep their food fresh. What they don’t know is that it can also be used to deodorize their fridge. Yes! Baking soda can neutralize bad odors and keep them neutralized.Is yourcauliflower far too stinky for you? Add some of this magic stuff and let the magic happen. And it is also a nifty meat tenderizer and it can make your mean and hard mashed potatoes that much softer.

Clean Silver with Baking Soda

Baking soda has an amazing rep as a healing entity, so much so that some people have attributed cancer-healing properties to it. Some say it is even included in some forms of chemotherapy. Feeling a little gassy? If you ate anything that made you gassy, say for example cabbage, worry not about heading to your girlfriends house baking soda will make your butts remarks null.

To say that baking soda is the softener of the soul and the answer to all your woes is an understatement but it isn’t all fame and greatness in the name of baking soda, as it does have its bad rep but I won’t be covering that in this article. If you wish to know about the cons of baking soda leave a comment in the comment section below and try to get back at you with a new article soon enough.

I hope that all of these uses of the baking soda made your life that much easier and that you have a lovely effervescent day. Read on!

5 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda


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