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The Versatile Basic Pancake, Yum

Updated on August 23, 2012
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Flour, milk and eggs along with a few other ingredients combined can be some of the simplest ways to make the most versatile of edible marvels that have stood the test of time. Although like everything else they go through transitions and have lots of variations, it is always the most basic item that holds it's own, no matter what!

I am a firm believer in learning the right way to do something first and mastering a basic recipe. This opens all the creative doors when it comes to cooking or trying to improve something. Once you have mastered something or come as close to perfection as possible, the options are limitless.

Creativity can always be released once all the ground rules are in place. That also applies to cooking and baking.

Pancakes are one of those indisputably, versatile basics that everyone who enters a kitchen should have in their repertoire. They are easy, inexpensive and can be sweet or savory, dessert or meal and that makes them as important as knowing how to boil water.

Pancakes are also one of those easy recipes that a child can learn at a young age. Or whatever age a grown up invites them to participate in the kitchen at, or considered acceptable. And like the most simple of things, pancakes can be a life saver.

Businesses have been built around the simple pancake. Turning this basic flour based food into a craved spectacular edible comfort for anyone from the poor man to the rich man.

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There is even a Pancake day before Lent.

There are tons of variations of pancakes. They are as different as people and anyone's imagination.

The sky is the limit, but limitless possibilities are what make pancakes such an awesome food staple in anyone's kitchen or repertoire.

They can be smothered with syrup, butter, fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate or anything someone is willing to try. They can also be stuffed with these items as well if they are not mixed into the batter already.

Pancakes can be a life saver as well as budget friendly.

Historical context - like anything that has evolved over any length of time, pinpointing it's origins is difficult, but it's presence, being in multiple civilizations makes it a universally un unique food item.

Some of the best pancakes ever are normally the fluffiest pancakes ever and there are several ways to achieve this, yet if one is not careful you can end up with a mess. Like anything or any recipe, experimenting begins after having a basic trust worthy time honored and tested recipe.

Yet tweaking it won't cause any serious damage!

So how are the most fluffiest of pancakes achieved? There are mixed reviews but i think most of us will agree that adding agents like baking soda and / or baking powder add to the airiness of a light batter.

One thing though with pancakes one must know is not to over mix the batter.

Why because it will contribute to rubbery cakes, there are scientific reasons why that happens and it has to do with breaking down protein - gluten.

I have discovered recipes, basic recipes that call for baking soda, baking powder or both. Some even call for white vinegar, milk or buttermilk, sugar or no sugar and salt or no salt. that all depends on which version you enjoy most.

There are others that ask for eggs, butter or vegetable oi, once again this all depends upon the taste of the cook.

Thing is you can make them from scratch, with all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen or you can cheat, by buying something already made up in a box, where all you have to do is add in a few other ingredients, like eggs, milk and oil.

Which ever way you choose to make your pancakes is up to you, and which ever way you choose your pancakes are up to you. But never allow anything or anyone to keep you away from experiencing something as pure and delightful as a fluffy pancake, healthy or not.

Side note, a meal my son enjoys and i find quick and easy, as well as inexpensive is serving fried chicken and pancakes for dinner.



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