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The Wishing Cheese

Updated on March 21, 2015

Once upon a time, in a faraway farm lived twin brothers. The elder brother called Peter who had a Golden Cow, and the younger called Paul who had a Red Bull. The Golden Cow produced nothing but cheese. The farmer was very worried, every day he let his daughter to milk the cow. She brought back a tiny block of cheese in the bucket instead of milk. The farmer said, “Oh my Gosh! Does the cow’s udder have a square hole?” He picked up the block, and cut a piece of cheese. He held the piece with two fingers, stared at it, turned it around, held it up to the light, then he ate it.

Suddenly, he felt dizzy. He stretched himself and shook his whole body violently. Then he fainted and fell to the ground. In his dream, he dreamed about what he truly wished for. His wish was for his daughter to live happily and healthily through her lifetime, and when he woke up, his wish came true. He could see that his daughter had went outside more than before and running around was so much easier for her. As he believed that everyone's wish would come true with this cheese, he sold the cheese for £100 an ounce but no-one would believe the cheese would grant wishes. The farmer started to then, give out samples. Everyone who ate the cheese sample fainted and fell to the ground.

Children would fall into a deep sleep and a genie would appeared in their dream, saying "You have three wishes, I can grant them. If you would ever wish for something bad or evil you will be punished." For the elderly and adults, they would just faint and dream about their true wish and it will come true.

The farmer became rich with his Wishing Cheese, and very soon the punishment was given.

His brother Paul became very jealous. He said to his brother. “Peter, now you’re rich. Shouldn’t you help your own poor twin brother?” So he drove his Red Bull to his brother’s farm, and bred a Red Cow which had red horns and an unusual devils tail. It also produced nothing but cheese, Peter was very worried, but Paul was happy, because his cheese tasted very different. Some people in the village have become bored with Peter’s Wishing Cheese. Some of them truly wished for something evil and or sending their enemy to the Dungeon of Death.

Every day Paul would go out to milk his cows and what he'd come back with from his Red cow, was a piece of red cheese. He gave out free samples and told everyone it was the opposite of the Golden cheese, and that you had to wish for something evil. Many people didn't like the Golden cheese because they couldn't wish for stealing something, or peeking at someone else's private belongings. They all came to buy the Red Cheese, and the golden cheese's sales went down.

The village was becoming evil. People would wake up and couldn't find their fancy dress they were going to wear for a wedding or party. There was also a high chance you would get killed if you went outside too late, or too early.

One day, a man said to himself, “how would it taste if I mix up the golden cheese and the red cheese?” He bought the golden cheese and the red cheese and mashed them together and ate them. He fell asleep and dreamed, not a dream about his wish, but about two angels battling each other inside his body. The man woke up and his heart was pulled out and wrapped around his body. He grew into a huge cheese-block monster and started destroying things with his right hand and fixed the things he destroyed with the left.

People knew they had to get rid of the cheese-block monster so they gathered cheese weapons and slayed the man in half. The Golden cow and the red cow were slain and thrown off to the space in a spaceship, there was no need for magical cheese again.


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