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The best baklava in the world is now in NYC!

Updated on November 10, 2010


Eat the best baklava in New York City!

New York City is the one place on Earth where you can find the best of all cuisines. New Yorkers enjoy the variety of different foods of all cultures. However, it is also important to nationals of different countries that are now living in New York to find the foods that they grew up with and love and crave!

Surely most of us who have lived in New York have at least once had the one dessert that has become so famous and well known that it is as common as cheesecake in New York; the baklava!

Baklava is complex and very hard to make at home, in fact even in the countries where it is regarded as one of the national dishes baklava is rarely ever made at homes in the cities. It takes many hours to make the forty layers of thin dough that goes into a piece of baklava. It is also a delicate dessert, at its best baklava needs to be crispy on the outside, yet moist and sweet at the same time. One should be able to almost count all its layers.

Now it is time for dessert!

Best Dessert in NYC

Baklava is claimed by many countries in the Mediterrenean, the Middle Eastern and the North African regions. It is at once regarded a national dessert of both Greece and Lebanon and Syria. One other country that regards baklava as its national dessert is Turkey. Turkey has descended from the Ottoman Empire which at one point spanned from North Africa to Eastern Europe. There are many different kinds of Baklava in Turkey. All the different varieties are regarded as a different dessert indeed. They all have different tastes and texture and consistency. In New York City, there is a large Turkish population. The demand for Turkish desserts around here is clearly enough that one of the oldest and most traditional dessert companies decided that it was worth the efforts and investment to open a shop in this area. This company is called Gulluoglu. Anyone who has been to Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, knows that this is an extremely reputable place to buy Baklava from. If you love baklava, you owe it to yourself to make a trip to Gulluoglu on your next visit to New York if you do not live there already. Gulluoglu is located on 982 2nd Ave. This is between 51st and 52nd streets in midtown Manhattan. A short walk from Central Park!



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