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The common things most of the people do with their shopping cart at the store when they are done with it

Updated on April 18, 2015

I absolutely hate it when people just leave their shopping carts wherever in the parking lot. I expect people to walk the ten or so feet to put the shopping cart away! People who leave their shopping carts wherever in the parking lot would be the first one to flip out if a shopping cart hit their car. It is good if you find the nearest shopping cart rack and return the shopping cart there or return the shopping cart in front of the store.

I have seen so many people do everything they can to not put their shopping carts back where they should go. For example, I saw a lady back up around her shopping cart that was rolling away behind her and the shopping cart stopped right in the middle of the lane in the parking lot so other people had to drive around the shopping cart.

You should teach your children to put the shopping cart back in its place. Some people park close to a shopping cart return so that they can put the shopping carts there. There are some rude people who just leave the shopping carts behind the car they parked next to. They used to do like this because they think there are people or another person who will use that shopping cart!

If you go to some Aldi or Save-a-lot stores you pay a refundable quarter for the shopping cart. When you return the shopping cart to the store you get your quarter back. It has advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is the shopping carts are always at the proper place. The disadvantage is you always have to remember to bring a quarter to the store to get a shopping cart or else you have to carry all the products in your hand. If you have less items it is okay you can carry on your hand but if you have more items you obviously need a shopping cart.

Those who make lame excuses as to why they do not push the shopping cart back to the rack are just plain lazy. Some people use the shopping cart to take groceries back to their home. You should put the shopping cart in the nearest shopping cart rack as it is the considerate thing to do and you do not feel like being sued by someone because the shopping cart you used dented their car.

Some people take the shopping cart back to the store as they know it will be easier for the workers who collect the shopping carts. Some people hate the shopping cart collecting people and try to make life difficult for them. There are some grocery stores who do not have the shopping cart rack for the shopping carts. You should put your shopping cart in a spot not likely to be in anyone's way or cause damage.

Some people when they go to the store try to take a shopping cart that is already out loose. Some people went for a walk to the store, brought groceries or items and walked back home with the store's shopping cart. They unloaded their stuff at home and walked the shopping cart back to the store for more exercise.

I have seen people who take the shopping cart to their home and they returned the shopping cart next time they are going 'that way' but there are some people who take the shopping cart and try to cash in at a recycle store. When you live close by most people decide to be jerks and keep the shopping carts there until a store employee is required to walk all the way there and bring the shopping cart back. Sometimes the stores ran out of the shopping carts as people have taken them home and the other customers gets angry and shouts to the employees working at the stores.

Some stores have a pole on the shopping cart to prevent people from walking out of the store with their shopping carts. Some stores have a sensor by the wheel to stop people from leaving the parking lot with the shopping cart. A person who leaves a shopping cart in the parking lot is lazy, irresponsible, selfish, inconsiderate and demonstrates a complete lack of regard for other people and their property. It is also a huge liability.

Not only shopping cart can cause damage to vehicles, under the right circumstances, the shopping carts could cause serious injury to the people especially kids and elderly. There are a lot of discarded shopping carts which people bring to their house but they do not bring the shopping carts back with them the next time they go to the store. So the store has to hire a service to drive around and collect the shopping carts or they would never get the shopping carts back.

Some stores have the tendency of not collecting the shopping carts in the timely manner even if people put them in the shopping cart rack. Sometimes the racks were so full of shopping carts, people had a hard time driving around the shopping carts because the shopping carts are actually blocking the path. In that case it probably would have been better for some people to leave their shopping carts where ever because the shopping cart racks are full.

Some people would consider what about the shopping carts left next to the handicap spaces because the person who used the shopping cart legitimately could not expand the extra effort to return the shopping cart to the designated place? Usually the shopping carts are left parked right in front of the door by the person leaving, so no one can come in or go out. Sometimes they will leave shopping carts in front of the register so the next person cannot even reach it to check their items or products out.

People should be careful about their shopping carts always. The shopping carts are very helpful in shopping but shopping carts can also cause damage and injuries. It is always better to be careful and be courteous to the fellow shopper.


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