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How to Save Money Cooking with a Crock Pot

Updated on May 6, 2017
jimmyglaughlin profile image

I love cooking, I have found great ways to save money. I want to share what I know to help others.

My crock pot ready to slow cook!

I keep my crock pot ready to go at all times. This is my Rival Crock-Pot, which works very well. No, I am not going to slow cook the pineapple.....or am I?
I keep my crock pot ready to go at all times. This is my Rival Crock-Pot, which works very well. No, I am not going to slow cook the pineapple.....or am I?

The Crock Pot

I started to cook at a young age, due to the fact that I hated my parents cooking. The dinners I was served as a child were straight from the 'Bland Scottish whatever is in the fridge Cookbook'!

I kid you not, I remember one specific time my father, on a very rare occasion, offered to cook myself and my two older siblings breakfast. Of course, this is the same father that offered to give my brother and I homemade haircuts and we both went to school for the next month with hats on! What was wrong with the breakfast you ask? Well, the green scrambled eggs, of course. To this day, I do not know how he made green eggs, without green Tobasco or green food coloring, how was it done?

So, without having any real choice in the matter, I learned to cook. That's not to say that I didn't have any input from my mother on the subject. One very important cooking tool she introduced me to, was the almighty crock pot, or slow cooker. An electric stove top appliance designed to simmer food at a low temperature unattended over a period of time.

This is one of the best and most important kitchen tools for anyone who wants a home cooked meal but does not want or have time to really cook. It can save you money, save time, keep you and your family healthy, and make your friends jealous of your cooking skills. The crock pot, basically makes your life easier and better!

How does the slow cooker do this for you? Well, just think about getting up for work in the morning, tossing a few ingredients into the cooker, pressing a button, go to work, come home later in the day and having an entire dinner hot and ready to eat as you walk through the door. It's that easy and simple.

Saving money is easy with a crock pot. If you were to eat out one less time per week, would that save you money? If you were to buy beef, chicken or pork in larger 'family pack' sizes, would that save you money? Taking leftovers to work for lunch, would that save you money? These options alone are enough to warrant the spending of the $25-$40 for a crock pot, yes?

Time, we all never have enough time. The slow cooker can save time. If you used the cooker once a week and got two dinners and two lunches from it, did that just save you time? Sure did.

How about keeping healthy and controlling what ingredients you add to your food? You add only what you want, you are master and creator of your meals. Recipes can be as easy as just adding a little salt and pepper or as complex as you desire, it's all up to you. The internet is full of recipes and is a great website to start for the beginner or the pro, I get a lot of recipes from there.

Would you like to save money and time while getting a little healthier at the same time? Maybe. Ask your friends what they think. I bet they would notice a difference and be a little jealous of your new found life. Maybe, lol.

The crock pot can really benefit anyone if you let it. Saving money, time and keeping healthy should be important to everyone, and the crock pot can help you with that. If you have a family, you owe to them to give it a try, if you live alone, you owe it to yourself to try it also. An extra few bucks a week adds up and can be saved for a vacation, an extra hour a week to spend time with kids or go for a hike and losing a couple of pounds are all possibilities. Bring a crock pot home and start slow cooking, you'll love it!!

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5 stars from 1 rating of Simple Crock Pot Roast


  • 4-5 lb. Beef Roast
  • 1-1/4 oz. Brown gravy mix
  • 1-1/4 oz Dry Italian dressing mix
  • 1-1/4 oz. Ranch dressing mix
  • 1/2 cup water


  1. Place beef roast in crock pot
  2. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and the sprinkle over roast
  3. Pour water around roast
  4. Cook on low for 7-9 hours

Do you agree that a crock pot can save you time and money?

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    • jimmyglaughlin profile imageAUTHOR

      Jim Laughlin 

      5 years ago from Connecticut

      Thank you very much! I still laugh thinking of green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss, I lived it! Lol!

    • creativelycc profile image

      Carrie L Cronkite 

      5 years ago from Maine

      Excellent hub and so funny. I'm also wondering how you're father made those eggs green too, the good thing is that you survived! I do love my crock pot and love experimenting with new recipes. You have a great style of writing! Welcome to hubpages!

    • jimmyglaughlin profile imageAUTHOR

      Jim Laughlin 

      5 years ago from Connecticut

      I will get some recipes together for another hub. Good idea, ty!

      I think I am addicted to writing. I write for too. keeps me busy!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I hope you're made me hungry~ I love my crockpot. I only wish you had listed some recipes. I'm always looking for a good one. Great hub there! You're written quite a bit in the short time you've been on Hubpages. That's great. Welcome!


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