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The different types of sushi foods

Updated on December 15, 2014

Some sushi jokes

Joke #1 -To start out I want to begin with some funny sushi jokes

One day at a restaurant there was a cooker and a waitress the waitress comes up to the cooker and starts yelling at him saying the guests will be here in three minutes the patatoes are overdone

and the oven is broken the shops are closed do something! Haruki and that was the day that the sushi was invented.

Joke #2 - Sushi is a lot like sex when you are young it seems groce you have it all the time in your 20s and then you only learn to get it from a reputable source.

California  rolls:)
California rolls:)

How much do you like California sushi rolls?

5 stars from 1 rating of California sushi rolls

My list of sushi

Here is a list that I have created on my own with the names of sushi foods that I will be talking about, some sushi types I have eaten and others I have not even tried at all but would like to someday.

Sushi that I have not eaten but would like to try one day:

Futomaki, Hosomaki, Uramaki, Temaki, Inari sushi, western sushi, Hawaiian roll, Philadelphia roll, caterpillar roll and finally the Philadelphia roll.

Some sushi that I have eaten:

Nigiri sushi and the California roll.

First off I will talk about the sushi types that I have eaten before at asian restaurants then I will go on with two of the sushi's that I want to try one day in the future at a japanese restaurant.

Nigiri roll
Nigiri roll
Sashimi sushi
Sashimi sushi
An illustration on what each type of sushi  has.
An illustration on what each type of sushi has.

Caterpillar roll sushi

This type of sushi has nothing to do with the butterfly bug it is called as such because it is a sushi roll that is wrapped containing white rice and avocado in the outer layer of the rather covered with teriyaki glaze and given in a way so that it can resemble the way that it is called.

It is also called the dragon roll.

The California roll is described to be one of the most popular sushi rolls that most people like one of the main reasons that a lot of people like this is because of it's creative look it almost makes you not want to eat it. It contains thin sliced layers of avocado pieces that are put at the top of the roll it almost makes it seem as the back of the caterpillar this sushi roll also has rice, nori sheets, nori seaweed, cucumber, eel. Something to know about some restaurants is that they have watecress or a type of green matter such as antennas to include as the bug like look.

Delicious Hawaiian Roll

This type of sushi which comes from Hawaii is one of the most popular of sushi foods now I can certainly see why it does look good and tasty. It can contain tuna, pickled gourd, white fish as well as it may contain some shrimp powder and eggs it is also eaten with sashimi or roe.

Other ingredients that you can put on a Hawaiian sushi roll are avocado, cucumber, lime juice to squeeze it to the avocado so that way the avocado can be fresh.

Some delicious hawaiian rolls to enjoy :-)
Some delicious hawaiian rolls to enjoy :-)
Some delicious hawaiian rolls to try :-)
Some delicious hawaiian rolls to try :-)

Some of the sushi's that I have eaten

Some things to know about Nigiri sushi is that it is made with rice and fresh fish sushi rice is hand formed in a small clump while the fish is sliced and pressed on top of the rice it also contains a type of seaweed called nori that helps bind all of the ingredients together. The Nigiri sushi can be mostly found at Japanese restaurants where there are plenty of sushi supplies available and well trained sushi cooks with experience in the sushi culinary.

Another thing is that nigiri sushi is mainly known as a two kind sushi since it involves two things sushi rice plus single topping another name for it is neta which is usually seafood for example eel, tuna, haddock, shad, snapper, octopus, shrimp. But it all has to do with the type of fish that is being used it may be raw and cut in thin slices, grilled or either batter fried.

I love the california rolls!
I love the california rolls!

The California roll

The California roll is a sushi that is made from the inside out commonly having cucumber, crab meat, or imitation crab and avocado meanwhile in other countries the California roll is made with banana or mango. This type of sushi has been mainly the most popular in the US market it has also had an influence among the sushi lovers as well as inspired different sushi chefs from around the world.


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