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The 100 Mile Diet

Updated on September 29, 2008
all from within 100 miles
all from within 100 miles

How far did your supper travel?

Cooking is about more than tossing something into a microwave and setting the timer. There are times when this may be necessary. Life’s various demands often make meal times quick affairs at best. However, even if you have to make something fast and then run, you can still avoid using prepackaged meals and microwave a dinner of your own design.

Future hubs will discuss recipes for quick meals that do not need to be microwaved and also menu ideas for foods that you can freeze and reheat when needed.

Today, we are going to take a look at where your food comes from and an intriguing idea to change that that has been catching on across North America.

The average journey that the food you eat travels is 1500 miles; what if you only ate food that traveled 100 miles to reach your table?

Alisa Smith and James (J.B.) MacKinnon who launched the 100 mile diet back in 2005 maintain website and a blog. The purpose of this blog is to track what they eat each day from Easter to thanksgiving.

The 100 mile diet came into being when the British Columbia Couple began to question what impact their food choices we having on their local economy and environment. In North America the average journey that your food makes is 1500 mile from where it was grown or produces to the table where you consume it.

In the spring of 2005 Smith and MacKinnon decided to do see if they could eat food that came from within a 100 mile radius of their home, thus the 100 mile diet was born.

This diet has spread across North America and the couple have become celebrities in the eat local and environmental circles Their blog details their book tour.

Depending upon where you live, following the 100 mile diet every day for a year can be a serious challenge. For example, here in Northern New Brunswick , Fall is near and Thanksgiving is not far off.

The fruits of the harvest are readily available and you can readily buy produce that has been grown within a 100 mile radius. As fall passes and winter emerges, this will become more difficult to do and eating daily from within a 100 is difficult at best.

However, even if you just set aside one day a week or a month to try this diet, it would give you a greater insight into what food is available within a 100 mile radius of your home. It could be a voyage of discovery, who knows what culinary delights await.


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  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    10 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thanks, cost can be a factor but i also see shopping as an investment in community

  • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

    Patty Inglish MS 

    10 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

    I like that picture very much, along with British Columbia. I buy locally whenever I can. Some of our local foods are more expensive than those from farther away however.


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