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Things You Probably Didn't Know About Thai Restaurants

Updated on March 10, 2010

Trying world cuisine and experimenting with new recipes is a great way to pass some time and eat healthy, but there are times when you just don’t feel standing in the kitchen for an hour or two. Thai kitchen is probably one of the world’s most varied cuisines and there are lots of recipes that worth a try. If you’d like to venture out in Asian gastronomy, my best piece of advice would be trying Thai restaurants.

They’re plenty and everywhere, but choosing the best one doesn’t always go smoothly. There are names you’ve never heard of and there are dishes you’ve never seen, how could you possibly choose the best restaurant, you might ask?

Ask somebody more experienced obviously. Not everyone is an expert at Thai culinary and not everyone has a friend who can recite five main Thai courses so that could be tricky, but all hope is not lost. If you’re adventurous and want to try Thai, look around on the net. Internet is the collected best of human knowledge and you can tap it easily. Look for local restaurants in your area and choose one that has the best reviews and serves at a price you find friendly.

Thai food photo by dbgg1979
Thai food photo by dbgg1979

Don’t let a higher price tag make you turn around though, Thai gastronomy uses lots of fresh vegetables and spices and preparing everything from scratch consumes time and money. If a restaurant charges a bit more for its dishes you probably should still give it a try, because if they make all their courses according to traditions you don’t want to miss out on the experience.

Thai gastronomy makes very good use of the green chili. Now you think you can take heat and in an insecure moment you may order something described as hot in the menu, but I’d like to warn you that these people have been eating chili for a few decades and when their menu says hot they’re probably talking about a different league of hot. Most North Americans will probably want to order mild to medium hot dishes and if you’re adventurous you can go one notch above, but definitely no very spicy.

The child lives in all of us and you’ve ordered hot food. Against my suggestion, I knew you will. Don’t worry everyone does that at first and they learn very fast. Don’t drink water if your mouth is burning, it will make everything worse. Milk and sugar is an effective way to counteract chili and you probably want to order some plain boiled rice too.

Thai people either eat with their right hand or fork and spoon. Both are effective ways to consume their dishes. If you’ve got no cutlery, feel free to ask for them, nobody will give funny looks if that was holding you back.

Most Thai dishes contain at least some meat. Even in foods you would least expect them to do so, they will either use some fish sauce or prawn, so if you’re a vegetarian strictly state No Meat, and ask your server if there is anything on the menu you can have without any meat at all. Same goes to spices though, you can ask them without hot spices if you want to, but where would the adventure be then?

Photo used is made by dbgg1979


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