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Think you know Red Bull

Updated on September 17, 2012

take a chill

What you should know

Origin: Austria

Founder: Dietrich Mateschitz

Chaleo Yoovidhya

Concept taken from: Krating Daeng from Thailand (daeng means red and krating is a bovine like animal)

Year: 1987

Slogan: Red Bull gives you wings

Variants: Original

Sugar free


Total zero


Colour: Amber







B group vitamin

RED BULL Sugarfree uses Acesulfame K and Aspartame instead of Glucose and Sucrose

Fun facts

Red Bull first started in Thailand as a refreshing drink for truck drivers and labourers

About 4.5 billion ( :O ) cans of Red Bull are sold every year

The two founders mentioned each own share of 49% and son of one of them holds 2%.

It did not get market approval for a long time in France, Denmark and Norway but is now available in 164 countries

Red Bull sugarfree contains only 3 calories per 100 ml

Oh and yes, Red Bull is suitable for vegetarians

Reaons to believe its good

Low amount of taurine resulting in safer consumption and also reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

Wall to wall production and lesser use of aluminium in use of cans helps in reducing carbon footprints (Ya it is not related to why you should consume but its simply good to know that they care)

Amount of caffeine in one can are almost comparable to that of a cuppa coffee

Rest assured there are exceptional cases of some extreme cases dying because of over consumption or consumption with alcohol, wrong consumption, etc; the fact remains that there is nothing really to worry as long as you are not yourself a maniac

Special Edition red bull

Sadly they are available only in Austria.
Sadly they are available only in Austria.

Guess the richest man in Austria

Alright, Red Bull has given Didi Mateschitz the title of richest man in Austria with an asset of 5.5 Billion $. Hell yeah! Red Bull did make him fly!

Red Bull Commercial


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