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Tips and Tricks for Slow Grilling And Char-Broil Cooking on a Gas Grill

Updated on August 16, 2012

10 Helpful Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Char-Broil Grill

1. Leave some fat on your meat, and that will add to the flavor, but don’t leave a lot, as that will cause flare-ups and to the flames.

2. When cooking ground meats, use an instant read thermometer and ensure that internal temperatures reach at least 160°F.

3. Always clean and inspect your Charbroil grill before using, to make sure that the grill is in a safe operating order.

4. If you want to sear a piece of meat, do so first, then move the piece away from the flame and cook with indirect heat. This will keep all the juices inside and make the piece of meat moist and crispy on the outside.

5. When selecting meat to be grilled, select large, thick cuts, well marbleized, with little outside fat. Salt the meat about a hour before grilling so that the proteins and natural sugars will come to the surface of the meat and become “crusty”. Also, when cooking larger cuts of meat, allow the meat to come to room temperature before throwing it on the grill. Checking the internal temperature will let you know when your food is fully cooked, so you don’t end up with a cooked on the outside, raw on the inside piece of meat.

6. Smaller cuts of meat can be grilled strait from the fridge or cooler, seared on both sides, then placed in indirect heat to finish cooking. Don’t forget to check the internal temperatures on these cuts as well.

7. Roasts and other very large cuts of meat should be cooked low and slow to start out with, and depending on the cut, and amount of fat, can be seared closer to the end to crisp up the surface.

8. Always use approved Charbroil grill Parts when doing repairs or service/maintenance on your grill.Charbroil grill parts are designed to be original parts equipment and should be used in all grill repairs. Using other name brands, or knock off/imitation parts should not be used and may void the warranty of your grill.

9. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy and don’t allow children, infants, or pets to be left unattended near a hot or lit grill.

10. Keep your grill clean, and free of debris to keep small rodents and animals from trying to get the scraps and drippings out of your grill. This will help keep maintenance costs down, as well as keeping your grill in better condition, which leads to a longer life.


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  • silvershark profile imageAUTHOR

    Kenneth Moody 

    6 years ago from Destin, Florida

    ty for commenting on my blog!

  • LuisEGonzalez profile image

    Luis E Gonzalez 

    6 years ago from Miami, Florida

    Welcome to HubPages. I enjoy char-grilling because it seems to make food taste better and it is a much healthier way of preparing food plus it tends to bring out the family. Nice article by the way


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