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Tips for making delicious scrumptious sandwiches that you and kids will like

Updated on August 18, 2012

Never underestimate the power of the sandwich. If anyone thought that sandwiches were just boring, dull creations of a mother with insufficient time in which to feed her family, they could be very wrong indeed. Never call sandwiches uninteresting. With excellent bread available at our doorstep, varieties of loaves, buns, rolls and twists only a ‘phone call away, a meal could be turned into an exciting event, at the table or in front of a favorite TV program.

Rendering unto Ceaser what is his, credit for this innovation must go to the kitchens of the Earl of Sandwich. This titled gentleman was a gambler at heart and was so bewitched by the turn of the dice that he never got up from those gaming tables to have his meals. His chefs and bakers came up with the ideal solution.

They took two slices of English bread, spread butter and English mustard on them, put thick slices of roast beef and slapped this together to make what we call now, the ‘sandwich.’ We’ve all come a long way since then and this food has proved its versatality and popularity.

Tips would help in the making of a sumptuous sandwich

  1. The bread should be fresh but not freshly baked.
  2. The texture should be firm and not perforated with too much air from the action of yeast in the initial dough.
  3. Bread with a thin, even and gentle brown crust makes better slices for biting into they prevent the sandwich from disintegrating. If the crusts are too crisp, then cutting them off altogether would be a better deal. Stylish sandwiches are without crusts.
  4. Not too stale bread also makes firmer sandwiches but these need to be kept extra moist by wet fillings or just wrapped in a moist napkin.
  5. Never use soft, juicy vegetables like tomatoes or oranges for layers; these should be firm or else they may dominate and detract from the original taste of other ingredients used.
  6. Open sandwiches need dour, like grated carrot, cucumber slices, black, halved grapes or chopped, green parsley in a white cottage cheese mix.
  7. A plate of sandwiches can look plain unless presented with garnishing of mandarin oranges, watercress, cocktail onions, etc.
  8. After being made, the two halves of a sandwich should be gently pressed together to keep them from coming apart.
  9. If possible, it is better to wrap sandwiches separately or in pairs, when using them for picnics and journeys.
  10. The strong flavor of mustard and vinegar, when used, can be offset by a pinch of sugar in the main filling.

Sandwich making offers an unlimited scope for creation:

  • Slices of brown, whole meal or rye bread combine well in 3 layers with cottage cheese mixed with red paprika and salt, pear slices dipped in lemon juice and ham.
  • Tiny, open sandwiches make an attractive platter when entertaining and for these slightly stale, firm bread could be used. Savory butter made by mixing a squeeze of lemon juice, celery salt, good pinch cayenne pepper and spread on the slices, then lettuce leaves upon which slices of tomato, hard—boiled egg, or apple dipped in oil or lemon juice, salami, cheese or ham piled on top and decorated with cucumber twists, black grapes, radish slices (small, red variety) or just chopped mint or coriander leaves.

For more wholesome, filling sandwiches, one can get expansive or economical. Baked beans with onion slices or pickled onions, lettuce leaves, cheese paste or bacon rahses make excellent club sandwiches. Even if one has a bit of curry gravy left over, this can be used to coat the slices, and left over roast meat or chicken can be shredded and placed inside with tomato and cucumber.

Sandwiches made with mayonnaise combine well with chicken, while roast mutton tastes good with butter and homemade mustard. Sliced and boiled eggs when used, taste better and do not smell when dipped in a weak solution of lemon juice. Always remember to keep the slices of bread in a moist cloth while preparing them.

Danish sandwiches (thin and dainty) should not have very heavy toppings.

Pinwheel sandwiches are cut round from the square slices and can also be made into cones and filled with minced meat (kheema) or cottage cheese curry (panner bhujia). The bland taste of bread as a base is perfect and lets a sandwich turn out just as exciting and delicious as you wanted to.


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