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Tips to make Food Quicker

Updated on April 14, 2013

Almost every Pakistani woman goes through the situation when she has a lot of time to prepare delicious food for the family. But it also happens when time is rushing and you have no idea about what would you serve for dinner. Well, there is always a solution for every problem. There are many recipes that you can prepare within an hour or even earlier.

Here we are giving you some general ideas that can help you in saving time while cooking.

Food that Contains Starch:

pasta and rice are high starch containing food, and their preparation time is less. You can prepare pasta even faster, if you pre-boiled water in a kettle. You can make pasta with a number of things. Vegetables taste awesome with pasta. You can also use chicken or beef to add some extra taste.

Vegetables and fruits:

You can also cook fruits if you have less time for cooking. Fruits can be ready within minutes. You can cook fruits in vegetable style.

Vegetables also do not require much time to be prepared. Some vegetables take less time to be cooked than others. Many vegetables do not bother you a lot, all you have to do is to wash, cut, and cook. The good thing with such vegetables is that, even if you have cut large pieces, they'll be done quickly. Some of the vegetables that do not require much preparation are cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, brinjal, avocados, and many more.


Salad is a tasty and healthy meal, specially in hot summers. If your family members are not interested in having that boring green salad with vinegar or oil, you can add a lot of color to it by adding different ingredients. If you like a little sweeter taste in salads, you can cut and add various fruits in it. You can also add cucumber, red and yellow peppers, and carrots to make it colorful and attractive for others. Add mozzarella, and boiled eggs to it and make it even healthier.

You can prepare a good sauce by mixing beaten yogurt, some spices, little oil, few drops of vinegar, and liquified cottage cheese. You can easily liquify cottage cheese with the help of milk.

You can also add rice or spaghetti in your salads. Let them cook, and prepare other ingredients in the mean time. Then mix all the ingredients together.


The smaller pieces of meat tenderize easily. So, cut meat in small pieces, as small bites can be done within 10-20 minutes, whereas large pieces can take up to 1 hour.

Boil Eggs Quickly:

Most of us boil egg, by dipping it in boiling water. We have a quicker method. Add about a cm high cold water in a pan, put the egg in it, and cover the lid. Let the water boil. When it starts boiling, cook it according to your taste.

The egg is boiled quickly, because the amount of water is about half.

These all tips can be used generally to prepare meal quicker. Neither they would affect the good taste nor decrease the overall nutritional value of your meal.


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