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So You Want To Be A Bartender

Updated on March 22, 2016

Hopefully, you have given this a lot of thought and you are willing to put some time and energy into this decision. Some think that being a Bartender is easy and can be a breeze, but this is further from the truth. Bartending can be both rewarding as well as draining. It's important that you know and understand that with the "easy" money that you make it also has long hours, slow nights and at times unwanted attention. However, if you are a positive individual, love working at night and know how to deal with unwanted attention, you may have found the perfect career. Every career has its downside and this one is no exception.

Bartending is one of those occupations that can provide a substantial income whether you work full-time or part-time. If you use this path as a second job it can allow you to save money, take vacations or even help you catch up on a few things such as past due bills. As a primary job, this career path can do the previously listed things and more. You may be able to work in a club/bar/lounge, restaurant, country club or even take on private functions; however, you have to have the proper training to be effective in any environment. Hands-on is definitely the best way to learn; however, most employers will not hire you if you do not have some type of experience. Although, I would not be able to help you get experience, I can suggest going to Google and search the net to gain some knowledge into the industry and your desired position. I will also be posting another hub going into more detail about being a Bartender.

There are certain fundamentals that you need to understand when doing this job. By stepping behind the bar at a club/bar/lounge or restaurant, you have just become the professional Bartender! The creator. The producer. Although, you may not know all of the different drink recipes, you should memorize some of the basics and build onto that over time. Familiarize yourself with the necessary bar tools and the different types of liquor. This job is unlike any other because you will take on so many roles. You don't just pour a drink and hand it to the customer. You are customer service. You are the creator. You are the producer. You are the server. You are the psychologist. You are the janitor. You are the dish washer. You are a part of a sales team. You are THE Bartender.

This job takes discipline, customer relations skills, dedication and professionalism. Do not be fooled by the pull of money and fun. You should always take your position seriously and take care of your customers. It will take work, but if you are dedicated to this profession, it will come naturally.

Good Luck!


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