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Top 10 Easiest Foods for a Beginner Cooks to Make

Updated on February 13, 2016


Stocks are great, folks. Chicken stock, beef (if you can find bones) stock, vegetable stock, etc. can be used for many purposes such as soups, curries, and broths. The best part is that you don’t need fancy knife cuts or many ingredients to make stock. As long as you add what the French call “mire pox” (celery, onions, carrot) and herbs and you can have a great base for most of the recipe you’ll need to be a successful at-home cook.


Chocolate chip, peanut butter, and, of course, a classic butter cookie are great for 1 person or for friends and family alike. The problem is you tend to burn them…a lot. If nothing else, cookies (breads, deserts, etc) will teach you 1 thing and that is patience. Most professional bakers will tell you it’s that takes precision measurements and patience to make the best of baked goods. Learning those techniques will bring you 1 step closer to becoming a good cook.

Spaghetti sauce

Tomato sauce and Italian tomato sauce, in particular, is very versatile. Tomato sauces are used for a base for many dishes such as soup (of course), gazpacho, seafood cioppino, etc. A classic spaghetti sauce can get you through the night with a good meal and even leftovers. . Just make sure to include fresh herbs such as oregano and basil and, more importantly, don’t forget the meatballs and pasta. (Quick tip: Let the sauce sit overnight to allow the flavors to mix together more)


Speaking of versatility, pasta is another item on that food bucket list. Not as popular types of such as orzo, farfalle (bow tie), and tagliatelle can be used to bring variety to what you make at the home. As most likely being a beginner in cooking, you’ll need salt and boiling water to make pasta and that’s for both freshly made and dried. With doing so, allows you to add to any dish you make without worrying about “Am I seasoning this enough”. By the way, for those who want to watch their calories or remain gluten-free, there’s wheat pasta for you too.


Omelets, Eggs Benedict, frittatas…they all are egg dishes but to the beginner cook they can be tough to make. Don’t worry though, once you make them and them right, your mornings will never be the same. As an example, the frittata really has 4-5 ingredients (not including eggs) but the simple combinations of those savories can lead to a dish for breakfast that day and the next.


A classic All-American burger can be the best thing (especially with a side of fries) or if overcooked can be the worst. Almost any temperature except for well-done can give you the balance of quality of beef and whatever spices, herbs, etc. that you put into it. Now if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are a beginner cook or have little experience cooking meat in general. Don’t fret though since cooking a standard burger is likely the best way to learn how to check the doneness by touch.


Tacos, Tacos, Tacos. Easy right? Sure they are with many different combinations with different ethnic fusions (Korean Tacos?) Right now though we are talking about traditional tacos which can have an array of spices and vegetables included such as cumin, red & green peppers, cilantro, and others which contribute to the mix. Don’t forget to use corn tortillas (which are authentic) and no sour cream (that’s tex-mex). Other than those basic rules to impress your friends who didn’t think you had a cooking bone in you, have fun!

Fried chicken

As a beginner, to gain confidence cooking on the stove, you want to learn to cook something simple but have variety in nature. Fried chicken is one of those meals. Consider that even though fried chicken has its origins in Southern cuisine the simple process has spread worldwide from places from Thailand and Japan to Spain and Mexico all with their own twist and flavors added.


Rice cookers, you would think, could be an invaluable tool to cooking rice. In professional restaurants that serve rice as a staple of the particular cuisine, it's very helpful. For the home cook and someone who is a beginner, it teaches you nothing. Using accurate measurements will give you a better way to practice with foods like rice. Jasmine, basmati, and brown or wild rice are some of the particular types that need the accurate balance of time, the right amount of water and salt that accompany whatever you are making taste that much better.


Speaking of rice, a near perfect complement to it is curry. Since there are way too many types and varieties to list, what is most important to know is that when cooking with the ingredients (which can vary of course and is a good exercise in shopping outside your comfort zone) the right mix of spice is key.

© 2016 Tomato Foodhaven


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