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Top 3 Craft Beers To Try During The Dallas Cowboys Preseason Game Week 3

Updated on August 26, 2015
Caleb Hanie taking the game into his own hands.
Caleb Hanie taking the game into his own hands. | Source

Week 2 Overview

Times were tough this past Sunday as the 49ers pretty much killed us. But on the bright side we still had a few good plays and hey it's only preseason! Last year preseason was horrible, and yet the actual season was one of the best we've had in a long time. I say keep our heads up and keep pressing forward with the Superbowl set in our sights. The haters can say what they want, but after last season there is a very good chance (if our boys will play consistent and right) that we will make it.

Besides football, there is beer and not just any old crap beer, but the good stuff that tickles your palates and makes you feel alive on game day. Beer during game day is almost as important as the cooking and the watching as it is one of the factors that makes game day "feel so good" in the words of Chuck Mangione. The right brew provides you with the right vibes and mood on game day. Let's take a look at the top 3 brews that will vibe you right up for the game Saturday night.

Anchor Steam Beer
Anchor Steam Beer | Source

Anchor Brewing Company: Anchor Steam Beer

The first brew of choice for this weekend is an absolute classic. Hailing from California and an old time classic brewed up during the 19th century and continuing on today as a trade mark of steamed beer. Any other company that mimics this beer style can only call it a California Common. This deep gold beer has a medium body and pronounced bitterness with an ABV level of only 4.9%, so it easy to consume while not knocking over the grill and catching the house on fire.

Floral and herbal hop aromas with caramel notes and hints of cereal, grass and cinnamon. Flavors of fresh baked bread and caramel dominate with a citrus kick and slight tangy, zesty finish. Hints of cinnamon spice and roasted nuts also show up. Wonderful dry, crisp finish and overall refreshing and cleansing. A great food pairing item would be some grilled up hot dogs with a few jalapeno spice.

Southern Tier Harvest Special Ale
Southern Tier Harvest Special Ale | Source

Southern Tier Brewing Company: Special Ale Harvest Seasonal

Leaning a little darker in color and pushing over to more bread like characters, caramel sweetness and pumpkin pie filling is the Southern Tier Brewing Company's Harvest Special Ale Seasonal. An extra special bitter sitting at an ABV level a little higher than the previous choice at 6.7%, calling for a little more sip and a little less on the amount. Even with warmer temperatures this ale is sure to make you believe that the cool, crisp fall air has arrived early.

This brew is light bodied with aromas of pumpkin pie, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg and pleasant toasted bread notes. Smooth and crisp bringing an overall refreshment with moderate bitterness and a slight tingle on the palates. Not too strong on the sweet side like a lot of fall seasonals, but rather sits nicely between a pale ale and marzen with a pumpkin kick. Pairs well with some oven baked turkey and stuffing just as long as you don't pass out before the game ends and of course a pumpkin pie for dessert.

The Reverend Quadruple is sure to knock you on your back if you're not careful, so beware!
The Reverend Quadruple is sure to knock you on your back if you're not careful, so beware! | Source

Avery Brewing Company: The Reverend Quadruple

This brew separates the men from the boys with an ABV level of 10% and a dark mask of 18 on the SRM scale. A sipper indeed while watching the Boys give it their all, but beware to not get to excited and begin to gulp or you might fall into your television set. Dark ripe fruits, toasted bread, and maple aromas flood the senses with the first whiff followed by hints of mixed berries and herbal hops with a sweet mixture reminiscent that of peach cobbler.

Flavors of strawberry, peaches, caramel and dark cherries show their strong side while tad herbal and citrus notes follow. Currants, spice, tart and alcohol warming show up at the finish leaving a partially dry and slick finish. Medium body that tingles on the palates with a lingering dark cherry taste. This would pair great with a nice smoked honey glazed ham and some peach cobbler for dessert.

Kicking and Screaming

As game day approaches make sure you pick up your beer and food in order to be prepared properly, because preparation is key! Let's cheer our Boys on as they go on to week 3 against the Vikings. Sip, cheer, kick and scream as you enjoy your brew, food, and football. Cheers!

Do you think the Boys have what it takes for week 3?

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