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Top 3 craft beers to try during 2015 Dallas Cowboys preseason week 2

Updated on August 22, 2015

Preseason week 1 against the Chargers


Cooler temperatures are gradually coming into play which means for darker brews crawling out into the light of day and into tulip and goblet shaped glasses. Before we begin to look at the beer we need to look at the team. The Dallas Cowboys performance last weekend wasn't exactly the best, but they still had a rather strong defense and with Romo not playing any, the backup quarterback still played well despite the few costly errors along the way. This weekend presents a whole new game, but even with all of the anticipation, keep in mind that it is only a preseason game and the true Cowboys won't show their snarl until the season begins.

The top 3 craft beers to try during the second round of the Dallas Cowboys preseason game range from light and tangy to strong and bitter to darker and caramel notes. Let's take a look at the brews, their flavors and aromas and a food pairing option or two.

Real Ale Brewing Company's Gose German-Style Wheat Beer
Real Ale Brewing Company's Gose German-Style Wheat Beer | Source

Real Ale Brewing Company's Gose

A seasonal release German-Style wheat beer containing only 4.4% ABV which means drinkability without getting too crazy and only a IBU rate of 5 providing a smooth taste. A malty, wheat and strong lime and salt flavor, but not too overwhelming that it puckers you up. A slight sweet touch with plenty of zest and citrus sour notes and a tad hint of pickle. Light body and lingers on your tongue, but overall cleansing and refreshing.

This is a great brew for when your outdoors cooking on the grill and screaming at the TV. An excellent food pairing option would be some grilled lemon pepper chicken with a side of grilled vegetables. The citrus zest found in the beer will enhance the flavor of the chicken as well as cleanse and refreshen after each sip.

Shmaltz Brewing Company She'brew Triple IPA
Shmaltz Brewing Company She'brew Triple IPA | Source

Shmaltz Brewing Company's She'brew

For a sipper, this is the beer. A triple IPA with an ABV level of 11% and IBU rate of 110, this brew is sure to give you a kick during kickoff time. A strong citrus and floral hop aroma with whiffs of malts, orange peel and rose petals. The first sip presents an assertive bitterness that awakens the senses followed by a crisp flavor of citrus, herbal and bread like characters with hints of coriander and clove.

A great food pairing option for this triple wammer is a seafood Alfredo dish with baked bread. This hop bitterness and crisp finish cleanse the palates real well and allow for a fresh new bite, even with the oil and fat in the pasta. It is a wonderful sipper, so it one big bottle will last a while for one person and help calm and cool you down during the heated battle.

The Spoetzl Brewery's Shiner Marzen-Style Oktoberfest
The Spoetzl Brewery's Shiner Marzen-Style Oktoberfest | Source

The Spoetzl Brewery's Shiner Marzen-Style Oktoberfest

Leaning a little darker and closer to the fall time, The Spoetzl Brewery's Oktoberfest is sure to bring you delight on game day with an ABV level of 5.7% and an IBU rate of 18. This brew provides aromas of fresh baked bread, pumpkin and orange peel with notes of cereal, cinnamon and ginger. A wonderful blended flavor of slightly toasted bread, caramel sweetness, and a tad orange zest with hints of pumpkin pie, brown sugar, nutmeg and brown sugar. Medium body that simmers on the palates and provides a nice refreshing, dry finish and moderate bitterness.

A fall time favorite means a fall time complimented meal pairing option. If your grilling then a simple as well as traditional pairing option would be some grilled brats. To mix things up a little and step outside tradition and simplicity, then some grilled pork chops with sliced pears will do the trick as the pork chop, pear blend allow for a balance between sweet and bold flavors and would compliment the Oktoberfest well.

Dallas Cowboys week 2 performance

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Week 2 Wrap Up

Make sure you cheer your team on right and pick up one (or all) of these three beauties at your nearest beer store and drink beer the way it was meant to be; enjoyed. All three pairing options should really provide a wonderful mix of balance, enhancement, and array of flavors. Go ahead and enjoy beer, food and football while screaming your head off. Cheers!


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