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Best Top 5 Cheese Mix used to make Pizza

Updated on August 1, 2017

Cheese Pizza

Pizza Cheese range from all kinds and mixes.
Pizza Cheese range from all kinds and mixes.

Pizza, one of the best and most consumed foods in the world. Pizza can be described as being 3 main ingredients. You need a pizza base (flour), sauce (tomato), and cheese! Well lets face it, a pizza without cheese is a big round bread-stick! Pizza is a vary diverse food, it can taste differently by simply changing one ingredient. You might like plain cheese pizza, but put a sourdough base and you might hate it. This article focuses on the cheese that is used for homemade pizzas whither they be big, small, medium, or extra large!

The Big 5 Cheeses

All of these cheeses have been used and consumed by myself (I love pizza) and are the most common used cheeses.

  • Mozzarella - Mozzarella cheese is among the most used for in home pizza. People commonly think of mozzarella as pizza cheese and buy it. Mozzarella was originally made in the Naples area of Italy and was originally formed from Water Buffalo Milk. Nowadays store mozzarella (not the fresh balls in the deli) are pre-grated or in blocks that can easily be grated onto pizza. Mozzarella melts and browns well, and leaves a stringy pull as you bite away from the pizza.
  • Pizza Cheese - Pizza cheese is a type of cheese. It is easily mistaken for mozzarella. Pizza cheese is designed to melt well on pizza, which is why it is mostly only used for pizza...which is also why its called pizza cheese!
  • Cheddar - Cheddar is another common used cheese. White or Orange cheddar, mild or sharp all melt well and make a good pizza cheese.
  • Romano & Parmesan - Both of these cheeses are normally used dry over pasta or meatball subs. These cheeses can be used alone or can be added to other options to increase flavor.
  • American Cheese - Now your probably thinking "Why the hell is American cheese on this list" and the reason why I put it is because it is a very COMMONLY used cheese. American cheese is very adaptable and has many applications. You can use these slices to make anything from an English muffin pizza, stove top pizza, or a full oven large pizza. It might not be that overwhelmingly flavorful cheese, but it is a great substitution for such (and is normally around the house when the others are not.)

Cheese Mix?

Most pizzas are made with a mix of cheeses. Almost all premade store bag already grated mixes contain 2 or more of the following:

-Pizza Cheese

Normally mixing cheese to melt is a great idea for flavoring, texture, and stringiness. It is also nice to have the white/orange mix of color on top of a steaming fresh pizza.

So now what?

Nows the fun part, buy the cheeses and mix (or don't mix) your own recipes to make that pizza taste great! Hopefully your pizza comes out yummy!


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love parmesan cheese, cheese pizza is heavenly!

    • profile image

      pizza lover 6 years ago

      laughed a lot on american cheese paragraph beginning :))))

    • ms.huntington profile image

      ms.huntington 7 years ago from Southern California

      Nice hub on cheese. Especially since you wrote about it on pizza. I love me some cheesy pizza! :D