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Top 5 Lebanese Food Joints in Kolkata

Updated on September 16, 2014
Lebanese food in Kolkata
Lebanese food in Kolkata

Food Lover's Paradise

Kolkata has always been the food paradise of the country with mass variants in its cuisines, it is the one city in the country where even a man from the 7 seas can find his home platter offered in some small restaurant snucked up in a corner.

Honestly, one does not even has to look hard to find his favourite cuisine platter right in front of him. Every kolkatan has his/her special restaurant which is known to very few people and food & restaurants have become a big part of discussions as they each show a slice of your personality.

Lebanese cuisine is the newest entrant in the long list of cuisine offered in Kolkata’s menu card.

If you want to grab some quick Lebanese lunch or dinner, sneak into one of the recommended restaurants, and stuff yourself to your heart's fill!

Here are the top Lebanese joints for you to try out in the City of Joy.

Royal Lebanese

Royal Lebanese is the first restaurant that comes to my mind.

Address: 187, Sarat Bose Road, Opposite Deshopriya Park, Kolkata.

Located in the busy street of Sarat Bose Road, this food hub is sure to melt your senses even as you just pass by. It offers exclusive Lebanese food. It is primarily a take-away joint but seating arrangements are also available. The menu offers Lebanese sumptous items. The menu also offers few vegeterian items like falafel sandwich.

The only drawback is that it offers very few desserts and hence you have to leave without satisfying your sweet buds. Prices start at Rs.100.

Lebanese food- Shawarma
Lebanese food- Shawarma

Go Lebanese

Go Lebanese is situated very near to Royal Lebanese and is a very popular joint amongst the youth.

Address: 200, Sarat Bose Road, kolkata

This tiny take away place is near Deshapriya Park and serves mouth watering Lebanese food. It also has outlets in Salt lake and Ajoy Nagar. The menu starts at Rs.95 with non-veg servings and at Rs. 80 for vebeterian servings.

This is a preferable place for vegetarians as it has it has a large number items to offer for them. The place is quaint, small and has a regular following.

But, this joint too has few offers very few dessert options.

Shawarma nation

I cannot miss out on this name, though its a rather new joint. It has special tricks up its sleeves.

Address: 345, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata

This small cosy restaurant eliminates few of the gastro-centric problems that Lebaneses cuisine generally accompanies along with it, for they offer food with 96% less fat.

Though it has a small menu yet it vows to cook every item to perfection. They offer small pocket-friendly wraps which start at Rs. 50. There are very few veg items available. They have the added feature of offering middle-eastern drinks.

This small restaurant is the perfect place to try out the cuisine, away from the general hum-drum of life in the company of your loved one.


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Lebanese Cuisine
Lebanese Cuisine

The Blue Banana

One might question as to why I inserted this name in the list of Lebanese joints, though this is not a full- fledged Lebanese restaurant. But their food platter is so yummy, that I could not refrain from recommending their name.

Address: shop 25, Mandeville Gardens, Near Thai Consulate, Ballygunge, Kolkata.

As I have mentioned earlier, this is not strictly a Lebanese restaurant, but a portion of their menu is dedicated to this authentic cuisine. They offer a very small range of items of Lebanese cuisine coupled with Continental and Italian. This tiny hub is much sought after by the youth for its central location and delicious food.

Lebanese food starts at Rs. 70. The best part of this small restaurant is the combo packs they offers which are pocket friendly and best for treating your friends.

Lebanese food- Fried kibbe
Lebanese food- Fried kibbe

Yalla Habibi

Although this is not a proper seating restaurant, I could not refrain myself from inserting the name because of its delicious food offering.

Address: 1st Floor, 105, SP Mukherjee Road, Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata

This restaurant does only take-away and home delivery. It is a bit expensive for college goers. The menu has exclusive Lebanese and Arabic food to offer. The menu starts at Rs. 60 for veg starters and at Rs. 80 for non-veg. These however come with VAT charges. They offer a wide range of salads and starters and also a very special Bulgar cake found in no other Lebanese joint in Kolkata. This joint is a must try if you are looking for elite Arabic and Lebanese food at in the luxury of your home.


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