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Top 5 Snow Cone Machines

Updated on April 9, 2011

I've already confessed to being an ice cream addict, but I have to also admit that I am a big fan of slushies. I was totally obsessed with Coke slushies from 7-11 for several years. Unfortunately, there aren't any 7-11s where I live now, nor any slushies, so I'd need one of these very cool snow cone makers if I wanted to enjoy a nice snow cone. If you grew up with shaved ice, slushies, snow cones or whatever else people call them, you will absolutely love having one of these in your kitchen for parties and the like. Ice is fat free so don't feel guilty! And if you love ice cream and sorbets as well, check out the Top 5 Ice Cream Machines (some of them make both!)

Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver

This very cool Hamilton Beach Ice Shaver makes snow cones and frozen drinks. It comes with two molds (for freezing juice, syrup, etc), uses regular ice cubes and the blade is safely out of the way when in use. All you do is insert the ice, press down on the button and voila! Snow ice!

Hamilton Beach Icy Treats

This Hamilton Beach Icy Treats machine is for those of you who want something a little more modern than the first model. It makes snow cones, slushies, frozen drinks super fast and all the parts are machine washable for quick and easy clean up. The mixing bowl that comes with it even shows measurements to make it even niftier!

Deni Snow Ice Machine

This Deni snow ice machine is amazing. Not only does it look futuristic, it's fully automatic and makes icy treats like snow cones and frozen drinks super fast. The machine is stainless steel, comes with its own scoop and has a lid designed for enhanced safety.

B2B Slushie Express

The Back to Basic Slushie Express is awesome! Who doesn't love slushies? And who doesn't love them even more when they come in a cool container? A container which, by the way, is the same thing you mix it in! Simply slush your ice up, remove the container, and enjoy! It comes with a lid and lid and a spoon-straw -- and it has a child safe switch.

Retro Snow Cone Maker

If you've got anyone in the family who loves nostalgia, this would make a fabulous gift for them. And if you love old fashioned snow cones, it would make a fabulous gift for you! This automatic snow ice maker shaves your ice, and also makes slushies and smoothies. Definitely a very cool looking snow cone maker -- sure to be popular at kids parties!


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