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Top Romantic Chocolates Delivered

Updated on January 14, 2013

The world appears divided into to types of person; those who look at chocolate and think  'yeah, I can take it or leave it,' and those for whom chocolate is an absolutely vital substance, so be savoured and enjoyed on a very regular basis.

Chocolate is full of bioflavoinoids, health-giving plant extracts, and feel-good chemicals.  However, all chocolate is not created equal.  Much of what's on the market is poor quality, full of sugar and 'vegetable oil.'  This type of chocolate is bad for your health, it's fatty, sugary and piles on the weight.

Chocolat - Romance and Passion in one Film

Chocolate and Orangutans

 Not only is poor quality chocolate bad for your health, it is bad for the environment too.  It contains 'vegetable oil,' which is actually Palm Oil.  Annually, vast tracts of Raiforest are destroyed, so that Palm Trees may be grown to satisfy the world's hunger for Palm Oil.  Unfortunately the Rainforest is the natural habitat for Orangutans, so their world is becoming smaller and smaller and they are threatened with extinction.

There are sustainable Palm Oil plantations, but chocolate companies deny that there is a demand for using sustainable oil.  However, as they only list oil in the ingredients as vegetable oil, rather than Palm Oil, consumers don't realise that what they are eating is contributing to deforestation, hence don't demand a product using sustainable oil.

Beware the Fair Trade Logo

 Currently, the only way to avoid mass produced Palm Oil is to avoid any chocolate which lists vegetable oil as an ingredient and therefore eat the better quality stuff (such a chore, but someone has to do it!).

Unfortunately, this includes most chocolate using the Fair Trade Logo, as the Fair Trade statement usually only covers the cocoa used rather than the other ingredients.  If it says Fair Trade and still lists vegetable oil, unless it states otherwise, you can bet your bottom dollar it's cheap, Rainforest destroying Palm Oil.

So, here are a few companies which deliver absolutely divine, romantic chocolates without Palm Oil.


My ultimate number one choice of chocolates to receive would be those delivered by zchocolate.  They provide gourmet chocolates made by Pascal Caffet, chocolatier.  

These luxurious chocolates are full of natural ingredients, have no preservatives, no colourings, little sugar and no alcohol, AND they're delivered WORLDWIDE.  They are presented in a variety of handcrafted wooden boxes bearing a brass plate on which you may have the recipient's name engraved. 

Boxes range from simple plain basswood, to mahogany, in which the chocolates are beautifully presented.  you could also order a chocolate first aid kit, which comprises a red first-aid carry case filled with chocolates, a red flashlight and whitle key fob.  How wonderful would that be for someone who's a bit down, or working too hard and in need of TLC. 

 Their top of the range gift is a mahogany jewelry box filled with chocolates.  It has a top tray and six drawers, plus the brass name plaque.  If you really want to spoil someone this would be the gift to buy, just don't faint at the price.  We're talking quality here, not cheap stuff.  The UK price is £299 (ouch), but if you love someone they're worth it right?  And it is a beautifully crafted piece which will last forever.

On a more mundane note, zchocolate also provide corporate gifts of a wooden box filled with chocolates.  Your company logo is engraved on the lid and printed on to the accompanying gift card.  The box still has the brass plaque for the recipient's name.  It's a unique gift for an employee.

zchocolate also provide refill trays, so you don't have to keep buying more and more wooden boxes.


Hotel chocolat

 This is a UK company which I'm pleased to say has opened two stores in the US, Boston MA, and they deliver chocolates throughout the US from their warehouses there. It was begun by a couple of guys called Angus Thirwell and Peter Harris, who were appalled by the poor quality chocolate on sale in the UK.  They began to do something about this, and now grow their own chocolate on the Rabot Estate in St. Lucia.

Not only do they sell chocolates for all occasions and corporate gifts, but you can also join the chocolate of the month club, where you receives samples of chocolate to taste.  They also provide liquid chocolate (now what could you possobly do with a bottle of liquid chocolate?) and chocolate fondue dipping sets for parties (or just to pig out at home).

If you live around the Boston area you can book a chocolate tasting session at one of their stores.  Thes cost around $50 and last between 60-90 minutes.  You learn all sorts of things such as how to taste chocolate, where it comes from, how it's made, hot to spot a good chocolate and much more, plus you receive a goody bag worth $25 to take home.

Green and Blacks

 Green and Blacks is a UK company which was set up in 1991 by Craig Sams and his wife Josephine Fairley.  They wanted to provide a Fairtrade product with a high cocoa content, and the brand was born.

The Company is now ownded by Cadbury Schweppes, but still proovides high quality Fair Trade products such as chocolate bars, chocolate gifts, hampers, wedding favours, hot chocolates and corporate gifts.

Green and Blacks online ships to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Uk and Germany, and their prices are probably more affordable tha the other two companies.

 In terms of chocolate, you get what you pay for, so be really romantic and spoil someone with wonderful expensive chocolate.  I don't think any of these companies would disappoint, but my favourite would still be zchocolate.


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