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Top Selling Beers

Updated on August 21, 2012

With a growing population, each year more beer is brewed, in 2011 the human population drank about 150 billion liters ( 37 billion gallons ) of beer. In this year, the figure will be very close to 155 billion liters. Without a doubt this is a very competitive market, were only the top selling beers come out with a huge profit. The best selling beers have gotten quite a large market share on their own, thanks to strong advertising campaigns and very well developed recipe. The consumer votes with its wallet, so logically the top selling beer is also the best beer around. You came here to find out which beer is the best selling beer, I won´t hold You in dark any longer. This hub will feature 10 top selling beers. The percent represents market share.

1. Bud Light - 19.2%

First introduced as Budweiser Light was first brewed in 1982, it quickly arose to be the best selling beer, in 2001 it became the top selling beer, and it has held that position for more than ten years now. It has an alochol content of 4.2%. Now named Bud Light is, for some surprisingly, the top selling beer. The brand itself is valued at 7.2 billions. The beer is so popular mainly because it has major advertisement in the USA and many find that it has a very good taste.

2. Budweiser - 12.0%

First introduced in 1876, Budweiser is still made by using the same family recipe. Budweiser was the top selling beer for a long time, before Bud Light. Budweiser can be found sale in over 90 countries around the globe. When Budweiser came out, it was the first to take the adjunct use of rice. Besides being popular in the USA, the beer is also quite demanded in Europe, though not as much as in the USA. The main reason why the beer is so popular, is that it is a high-quality low taste refreshing beer.

3. Miller Lite - 8.6%

Miller Lite was essentially the first mainstream light beer. Miller Lite was the best selling light beer for 17 years, from 1977 to 1994, when Bud Light took over and eventually even became the best selling beer. However, the beer was first introduced to the general public in 1972, so it took Millet Lite only 5 years to become the best selling light beer. Since more and more light beers are appearing on the market, Miller Lite has lost its market share a little. Miller Lite has an alcohol content of 4.2%.

4. Coors Light - 7.8%

Coors Light has an alcohol content of 4.2% and is a light beer. It was first introduced in 1978. It features a color-changing label, which turns from white to blue when the temperature is 4 degrees Celsius ( 39 degrees Fahrenheit ). Many have claimed that the beers success is due to its awesome label. Coors Light is logically the top selling beer in the Coors Brewing Company. The beer Coors Light is also the official beer of Nascar since 2008, when it replaced Budweiser.

5. Natural Light - 4.2%

Natural Light was first introduced in 1977. Natural Light is brewed by the same company that also brews Budweiser and Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch. Natural Light has an alcohol content on 4.2%. The beer is also called Natty Light and Nasty Light in college campuses. The beer has received many awards and is considered to be one of the best tasting light beers around the market. Natural Light is the top selling low-calorie beer, one 12 ounce is only 95 calories.

6. Corona Extra - 4.0%

Mexicans prefer Corona as their number one choice, the Corona is the top selling beer in Mexico and it has been for a while. Corona Extra is also one of the best selling imported beers in USA.Corona Extra is called just Corona or Coronita in Spain. Corona Extra is available in more than 150 countries, including all countries in the EU. Corona Extra has an alcohol content of 4.6%.Corona Extra is definitely the most popular and best selling beer from Mexico.

7. Busch Beer - 2.8%

Busch beer was first introduced in 1955, it was the first new beer brand since the 1933 prohibition from Anheuser-Busch. When it first came out the beer was called just Busch, but it was later changed to Busch Beer. Busch Beer has an alcohol content of 4.7%.In 1989 a Busch Light beer was introduced, which has an alcohol content of 4.3%. Later on Busch Ice Beer was introduced, which had an alcohol content of 5.9%. However the seventh top selling beer is Busch Beer not any of its siblings.

8. Busch Light Beer - 2.8%

The younger sibling of Busch Beer, the Busch Light beer was introduced in 1989, like previously mentioned. The Busch Light beer has less calories than its fuller counterpart. Bush Light beer enjoys almost as big market share as the Busch Beer. The beer itself is quite popular among college students. It has an alcohol content of 4.3% and has 8 calories per one ounce, which makes about 110 calories per one serving.

9. Heineken - 2.4%

Heineken was first introduced in 1873.It is the top selling beer in Netherlands and Denmark, also one of the top selling beer in all over the world. The beer is sold over 150 countries. Heineken has an alcohol content of 5%, but it is also available in 4.6% in Ireland. In 2006 2.6 cubic meters of Heineken beer was brewed by 40 breweries in 39 countries. Heineken originates from Netherlands. Heineken is one of the most popular beers in EU, besides Carlsberg.

10. Miller High Life - 2.3%

First introduced in 1903, Miller High Life is the oldest and the most successful Miller Brewing´s beer brand. Miller High Life is often referred as the "Champagne of Beers", because of its high bubbly consistency. The Miller High Life bottles are also greatly inspired by a champagne bottle. Miller High Life has an alcohol content of 4.7%. Miller High Life is one of the top selling beer because of its great taste and very unique advertising campaign, that has been very successful from the "Girl In The Moon" painting to "Take Back The High Life" campaign.


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    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 6 years ago from Jamaica

      Red Stripe Beer is our number 1 beer here, but beer sometimes gives me a headache. I like Heineken too.

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      I drink either natty light or high life. I can't often afford the others. Busch gives me a head ache every time that I drink it - so I don't.