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Top junk foods that you might think are not

Updated on September 26, 2012

As the cliché goes, “You are what you eat.” This is true since the foods you ingest will make you strong, healthy and in top shape. Going after the Go, Grow and Glow foods is one way of becoming healthy. Go foods provide us the energy and it includes multigrain or whole wheat bread, brown or red rice, high-fiber cereals and foods with a little bit of unsaturated fats. Grow are foods that are loaded with proteins such as lean and preservative-free meats, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk (unsweetened). Glow foods on the other hand, help make your body literally glow and at the same time provide essential vitamins and minerals. Glow foods include vegetables and fresh fruits.

According to doctors and nutritionists there is what is called the 4 “Lows” of Healthy food which are:

  • Low salt
  • Low sugar
  • Low fat
  • And Low or no alcohol

Decrease in intake of foods that are loaded with sugar, salt, fat and alcohol may also help you become healthy.

It is also wise to shun away from junk foods like chips and the like. Bear in mind that there are foods that are considered junk foods although you may think they aren’t at first.

Here is a short list of top junk foods according to W. Sears, M.D. and M. Sears, R.N. in The Family Nutrition Book, 1999:

Hotdogs – This may disappoint the vast majority but hotdogs (perhaps one of the favorite treats of your kids) along with beef jerky and other preserved meats are branded as junk foods since these foods are loaded with high amount of nitrates and nitrites, high fat and too much salt. Keep in mind that one hotdog can already give your child his dietary allowance for salt at around 500 mg.

Colored and sweetened cereals - These are not okay for kids since these foods have hydrogenated oil and artificial food dyes.

Doughnuts – Sorry guys especially the children but doughnuts are packed with unhealthy amounts of white flour, hydrogenated oils, icing and sugar.

Potato chips – Potato chips are loaded with high dose of oils, salt and even mono-sodium glutamate for other brands of potato chips.

Gelatin desserts – These treats are not okay since they have high amount of food dyes and sugar.

Candies – Why candies belong on this category? The reasons are candies are loaded with high hydrogenated fats and sugars.

Punch – Can be a nice way to get refreshed but punch contain too much sugar and dyes.

Sodas – Are like punches but have extra caffeine and carbonation.

Juice drinks – Sad to say but juice drinks have little natural juice on them and they also contain corn syrup, sweeteners, artificial flavors and colors.

Marshmallows - These sweet craving is consist of mostly sugar.

Other foods that are also tagged as junk foods are pizzas, burgers, fries, chocolate bars, cakes, ice creams and the like.

Here you have it folks some foods that are considered junk foods and unhealthy to eat.

Feel free to give your feedback in the comment box below.

My 10th hub in the HubChallenge.


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    • GeneralHowitzer profile image

      Gener Geminiano 5 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Thanks a lot for the kind words vp3r...

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I think your list seems very complete. To me of all the badies..the worst is sugar. Just my opinion. Good hub and voted Up and useful.

    • emilgen2011 profile image

      Gener and Emily Geminiano 5 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant

      I am so glad this hub helped in a way...

    • profile image

      v1p3r 5 years ago

      Useful Hub