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Tortellini Soup, Tortellini en Brodo

Updated on August 5, 2012
A spoonful of tortellini soup will warm you up and satisfy your salt tooth.
A spoonful of tortellini soup will warm you up and satisfy your salt tooth. | Source

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4.6 stars from 5 ratings of Tortellini Soup, Tortellini en Brodo

Fancy, multi-stepped soup recipes can be nice, but everyone has those days when they just want to make something fast and warming. Enter tortellini en brodo!

Tortellini, those wonderful dimpled pasta pockets, were named after Venus' navel and with good reason -- like thoughtful art, pasta has inspired many to swoon.

Just three ingredients make the easiest soup you can imagine... bulk it up if you wish with other harmonious ingredients, noted at the bottom.

Cook Time

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 10 min
Ready in: 15 min
Yields: 4 servings
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You need only three ingredients: Tortellini...... broth...... and grated cheese.
You need only three ingredients: Tortellini...
You need only three ingredients: Tortellini... | Source
... broth...
... broth... | Source
... and grated cheese.
... and grated cheese. | Source


  • 1 bag tortellini, about 13 ounces, frozen. Or, choose a fresh type -- they tend to be sold in 8-ounce bags.
  • 8 cups salt-free broth, or your favorite kind. I mix my own from soup starter, but use boxed if that's what you prefer.
  • Parmesan or Pecorino cheese, to taste. For ease of use, I buy pre-grated, but a fresh wedge of cheese is preferable.
  • Oregano or parsley, dry (optional, but it does make the soup look prettier.)
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Prepare your broth by boiling water...... then adding your powder...... and stirring.  Or, used boxed broth.Boil the water for the tortellini...... cook the tortellini...... then drain.Add to the hot broth......without splashing...... and heat through.Then, enjoy!
Prepare your broth by boiling water...
Prepare your broth by boiling water... | Source
... then adding your powder...
... then adding your powder... | Source
... and stirring.  Or, used boxed broth.
... and stirring. Or, used boxed broth. | Source
Boil the water for the tortellini...
Boil the water for the tortellini... | Source
... cook the tortellini...
... cook the tortellini... | Source
... then drain.
... then drain. | Source
Add to the hot broth...
Add to the hot broth... | Source
...without splashing...
...without splashing... | Source
... and heat through.
... and heat through. | Source
Then, enjoy!
Then, enjoy! | Source

Instruction for the Easiest Soup, Tortellini en Brodo

  1. Cook the tortellini two minutes shorter than specified on the package. If you're cooking fresh tortellini, be especially careful as these require a much shorter cooking time than frozen.
  2. Drain the pasta and set aside.
  3. While the tortellini is cooking, prepare the broth. Either use boiling water and flavored powder, or pour out some boxed broth. Be sure your pot is large enough. Heat it up. (Almost done!)
  4. Add the drained tortellini to the simmering broth, and heat until the pasta is warmed through.
  5. Ladle into waiting bowls or mugs, and sprinkle with Parmesan and oregano as preferred.
  6. Enjoy with crusty bread and good company.

Nutrition Facts for Tortellini Soup

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1 cup tortellini, 2 cups broth, 1 tbsp. cheese
Calories 260
Calories from Fat45
% Daily Value *
Fat 5 g8%
Saturated fat 3 g15%
Unsaturated fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 42 g14%
Sugar 2 g
Fiber 3 g12%
Protein 19 g38%
Cholesterol 23 mg8%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Tortellini in Broth Variations

For variety, include any of the following if you're a vegetarian:

  • fresh baby spinach leaves or finely chopped cabbage
  • rinsed, drained kidney or cannelini beans
  • fresh or frozen peas, thawed

If you eat meat, I suggest these additions:

  • chopped chicken
  • cubed ham
  • lean sausage, sliced

To enrich the broth and provide a tasty umami infusion for the cheesy tortellini, squeeze in some tomato paste before adding the tortellini. Stir until the paste is dissolved and the broth becomes a deep pinkish tone.

As noted in the ingredients section, I like to add a sprinkling of dry oregano or parsley. (I prefer fresh herbs, but they are often expensive and I don't have a garden... yet.) The heat of the soup softens the herb and the smell as you lift the spoon to your waiting lips is wonderful!

Price of Tortellini Soup Made at Home

Approximate Cost
Bag of tortellini, about 13 ounces
My store brand was on sale for 4 packages for $5 (wow!), but I've seen fresh Barilla for under $3 a package.
Grated cheese
I managed to find 8 ounces of grated imported Pecorino for $4, but you can buy a small wedge of fresh Parmesan, the King of Cheeses for about three dollars,with plenty left over for spaghetti later!
Usually 2 boxes for about $3.
Additions like spinach or chicken
A small box of frozen spinach costs about $.79, and a leftover chopped chicken breast would cost a little over a dollar.
Four servings =
$10.59, or $2.64 a serving! Without the addition of extra ingredients, the soup would cost about $2.15 per person.
A similar soup would cost a pretty penny in a restaurant, but by making this at home you can keep the ingredients of high quality and still enjoy dessert!

Things to Remember

If you make this soup and there are leftovers, remember that the pasta will soak up some of the liquid in the pot, becoming larger and softening dramatically. They will look intact, but after heating and serving, will fall apart in your mouth.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, though. This is an especially good soup for household sickies, who need something more substantial than Gatorade, but are afraid to eat something too heavy. A cup of this, eaten slowly and plain (no cabbage or beans, etc.), will make them feel better without causing tummy issues.


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    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hey, vespa! Great to see you. :-) Yes, this is a perfect work night meal during any season. Thanks for the comment!

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 5 years ago from Peru, South America

      This sounds delicious, economical and easy to make...a perfect work night dinner. Thank you for sharing!

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hey, missolive! It looks so easy because it is so easy! :-) Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy.

    • missolive profile image

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 5 years ago from Texas

      You make this look so easy! Thanks for providing easy instructions and pictures. Great I'm hungry!

      Voted up and yum!

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Nell, anyone can make this! Lol. Thanks so much for stopping by. :^)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

      This is such a good idea! so simple even I can make it! lol! nice one! cheers nell

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hey, Alissa -- no fee, but you have to put me up! Lol.

      I'm so glad you like the recipe. I also like spinach in there. Let me know how it turns out if you make it! :-)

    • alissaroberts profile image

      Alissa Roberts 5 years ago from Normandy, TN

      Oh my, this looks so good! I will take my tortellini soup with chopped chicken and spinach. Do you charge a delivery fee? :) Great recipe - voted up!

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Shanna, hahaha! I love tortellini too and a little butter and parsley on there is very nice. One of these days I hope the tortellini survive to meet the broth! :-)

    • Shanna11 profile image

      Shanna 5 years ago from Utah

      So I went to made this soup for dinner tonight, but I never got past the tortellini stage. I forgot how much I adore tortellini, and I ended up just eating all the pasta straight. :( One of these days I'll actually manage to save the tortellini for the soup!

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Haha, kids are great. Thank you for the comment, vote, and sharing! :^)

      p.s. Brodo is just broth, in Italian!

    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      The clevercat this looks very tasty and it is high in protein. My kids won't eat soup, as of yet but I'm might try this one and tell them it's pasta floating in water like fish swimming in the ocean ha ha. This looks great and I've never heard of brodo before so I've learned something new! Voted up and shared! Take care, Kelley

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Brainy Bunny, beep beep! LOL. That's a T-Fal pot and it has this ring thing at the bottom that tells me when it's hot enough. (It's not my real pasta pot.)

      Yes, I agree that you would enjoy the spinach/tomato combo. Although with meat tortellini, a beef broth would be amazing.

    • Brainy Bunny profile image

      Brainy Bunny 5 years ago from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

      Mmmm. I think I would really like it with the tomato paste and spinach.

      But why does your boiling water have a clown nose at the bottom?

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      A richer broth would be wonderful, but then the veggies among us would be unable to partake. :^( I agree though, homemade broth is usually tastier than store-bought, so if you're lucky enough to have some laying around, by all means use it!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the thoughtful comment. :^)

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 5 years ago

      A nice recipe but I would prefer a little richer broth. Perhaps if you cooked a couple of chicken thighs in the broth until the meat fell of of the bones,

    • theclevercat profile image

      Rachel Vega 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hey, CC! I call them tortles, myself. ;^) I'm so glad you like the recipe and I hope you enjoy my version. Thanks for coming by!

      Hi, jonmcclusk! Thank you for the comment and I'm pleased that you agree with me about a good meal for sickies. :^)

      Hiya, K9! Thanks so much -- I like doing it picture by picture because viewers can see how easy it is to a quick dinner, instead of stopping by a fast food place.

    • K9keystrokes profile image

      India Arnold 5 years ago from Northern, California

      Like CC, I learned about "brodo" for the first time today! Your picture by picture directions make this as easy as can be! What a super good idea for a fast yummy meal! Lovin' the chart, too!


    • jonmcclusk profile image

      Jonathan McCloskey 5 years ago from Cinnaminson, New Jersey

      Chicken tortellini soup! That will knock the sick out of you better than grandma's; great and useful hub!

    • cclitgirl profile image

      Cynthia Calhoun 5 years ago from Western NC

      Now this looks YUMMY! I love "torts" as I call them with pesto sauce, but I'm going to have to try this. I haven't heard of "brodo" before, so I learned something new! :)