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Tostones Fried Plantains

Updated on January 7, 2017

What are Tostones?

Tostones are fried plantains. It takes preparation in making the tostones. It starts with ripe plantain that is not to ripe or too soften, but have a hardness to the plantain with a colored yellow outer layer skin of the plantain, once you peel off the skin, the inner part is firm and light tinted yellow on the inside. Once you follow the steps in making your tostones, it will be a delight to your dish.

What is a plantain and how does it grow?

Plantains are the genus Musa of the family Musaceae. Plantains are tropical plant that bears fruits, its similarities are like a banana but are more a staple food that needs to be cooked to enjoy its delicious preparations in foods.

The plant is a large herb that springs from an underground stem or rhizome to form the plant, Which grows up to 20 feet high with a truck as thick as 1-2 feet wide. The trunk is composed of the basal portions of leaf sheaths. It's 10 to 20 along rosette to elliptic leaves that are 3m (10 feet and breadth of 65cm (26 inches). Then a large flower spikes out from the top bending downward to become bunches, cluster or hands of plantains, producing about 10 to 20 plantains.

The ripe plantains contains 22% of carbohydrates, high potassium 15%, low in proteins 1%, vitamins C and A 22%

How do you know that your plantains are ready to cook?

When your in the grocery store or your picking you hand of plantains off your tree, be sure that it's yellow in color, some plantains have dark spots or streaks, those are the perfect ones. They are some that have a bit of green. It's OK, just cant be to green.

How do you cut the skin off the plantains?

It's easier than you think. Just cut off the both ends of the plantain using a knife.

Then, take the knife and slit an half of inch cut from one end to the next end of the plantain. Do not go to far slitting the skin, you will cut your plantain in half. The plantain have a thick layer of skin to protect the inner part of the fruit. This is the only way to get the skin off.

How many slices can you get from a plantain?

Cut 1 inch apart every slice along the whole plantain. One large plantain can give you 8 slices. Keep the space between the slices. The next step helps in the pressing of the plantain and re frying to complete its dish.

Add a inch of cooking oil in a frying pan till hot. gently add the slices of plantain in pan, make sure both sides are light brown. Then place the fried plantains in skin to cool off for the next step.

How do you get the plantain as a Tostone?

Make sure the plantain slices are fried light brown on both side and cool. You will use the plantain skin that was cut off and place one slice of plantain at a time in between the skin and press down firmly but not to hard. Allow the slice to get flat but not mush. When you press to much, it will start to break apart, so be sure to give it some room for thickness to the tostones. If you do not cool the plantain before pressing, it will be very hot and may cause burns, please cool before pressing. Don't let it sit there for to long before giving it the second fry. Only take 10 seconds on both sides, be sure that it does not get to brown.

How are the tostones fried?

The plantains are pressed and ready to go back in the frying pan for the second time to fry. Place tostones in the frying pan for 10 seconds again and out into a bowl of a secrete ingredient used to give the tostones a delicious flavor. Make sure the tostones are firm and ready for the final preparation.

Tostones Secret Ingredient

  1. Get a large bowl
  2. add 1/4 cups vineger
  3. a pinch of salt or 1 tea spoon
  4. a pinch of sugar or 1 tea spoon
  5. Add 1 tea spoon of your favorite herbs and spices

Stir ingredient well.

How do you know its tostones?

  1. Dip one tostones in the ingredients at a time on each side and place the tostones in the plantain skin to sit and soak in the flavors for 1 minute. This will give the flavors of the tostones.

  2. Then final step is to fry the tostones once more on both side for 10 seconds or golden brown.

  3. Place the tostones on a plate and you can garnish or sprinkle a pinch of salt or your favorite seasoning. I like Adobo!
  4. Be sure to have your stove flames to low-medium heat.

Once you follow these steps, you will have a fantastic tostones to serve.

To serve for your guests, you can spice it up with a salsa dip.
Slice and dice fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, basil, stir with little olive oil and a pinch of salt. "Yes the final deliciousness. I want more of your tostones"!

What are plantains medical properties?

  1. Plantains has a healing and soothing effect on insect bites. Simply pick fresh leaves, pound till into a paste and apply to bites and wounds such as burns, scalds or eczema.
  2. Plantains is also a great tea for kidney, bladder troubles. It's a good control for loose bowel movements. Drink a cup at least 4 to 5 times a day until relief.
  3. The roots of the plant is good for toothache, just simply pound roots into a powder and apply to effected tooth.


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