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Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

Updated on April 9, 2016

For about a few years now I have heard some buzz about a place called Trader Sam's. I had seen a few pictures on Instagram but never really knew where it was. I obviously knew it was somewhere in Disneyland but that didn't really narrow it down. Just this past year I accidentally stumbled across it while taking a short cut to the parking structure. Alas I had found this mysterious bar that I had been searching for (I guess I could have Googled it but my way was more fun!). Since then I made it my mission to go with my boyfriend so we could enjoy the atmosphere together and enjoy some good drinks. We recently had the opportunity to go and it was definitely worth the hype! I do want to preface with I am sorry for some of the picture quality. The light varied all the time inside the bar so it was hard at times to take pictures.

The Atmosphere

Inside the bar was very cool! It was very tiki themed but in an awesome way. It definitely reminded me of the Tiki Room inside of Disneyland but it definitely was more adult friendly. It was also smaller than I imagined but I think it only played into how awesome it was. Even though this bar is tucked away inside of the Disneyland Hotel pool area, it was crowded. We probably waited about 30 minutes to grab a seat at the end of the bar. This was fine by me because being at the bar is always the best place to have fun. Right away I noticed little nods to Disney movies. In front of us on the top shelf of the bar there was a large glass jug that had a sticker reading "Paradise Falls"-a tip of the hat to UP. They also played some music from the Tiki Room (without lyrics). As soon as we sat down the bar tender yelled out "Shipwreck!!!" in a very piratey voice and rang a large bell. The bar then erupted with lightning and a fake storm came about. Apparently for different drinks, they do different things! It was really fun to experience all of them.

Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum

So before I go into the drinks I want to talk about the menu. The menu is so cool! Not because of what is on the menu but what it looks like. Every drink is illustrated and actually looks exactly like what it does. There is no fancy photography at this bar and it is better off for it. Pictured above is what I ordered: the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Rum (get it? Tiki Room theme anyone?). It was delicious! I probably could have drank three of them. My drink was a twist on the pina colada, which is my favorite island beverage. It had rum, orange and pineapple juice, and coconut cream. The thing that made it really amazing was the cinnamon and nutmeg that was sprinkled on top! I know, such a weird thing to do, but trust me it makes the drink! Plus, look how spot on that illustration is- down to the type of glass.

Shipwreck On The Rocks

Shipwreck On The Rocks is what my boyfriend ordered. I mainly think he ordered it because he liked what they did when they serve it to you but it was pretty tasty. It does come in a glass like the one illustrated but he opted for it without the souvenir glass. This drink was very simple and strong! It is definitely more of a manly drink (or if you like bourbon this is right up your alley!). It was really funny but I guess someone else ordered a shipwreck at the same time he did so instead of the normal shipwreck shenanigan we had a double shipwreck shenanigan!

Other Drinks

There are many drinks on this menu that look super cool such as the Shrunken Zombie Head. There is also another drink that comes in a bowl-like cup that they light on fire and throw cinnamon in the flame to make that cool sparkle effect. I forgot what it was called but when it is served there is a chant that goes along with it! There is also another drink that they squirt you with water. If you don't like being apart of all the action then I recommend not sitting at the bar. At one of the few tables they have you will be out of reach from getting wet. There are also drinks that they don't have on the menu that you can get at other bars in California Adventure as well as a secret menu. If you have a particular drink in mind that you want just let the bartender know and they will make it for you.

The Food

So, we didn't just go to get drinks. We went for dinner and drinks. There is not a whole lot of food on the menu but they do have a pretty decent selection. I ordered the chicken sandwich. It has pineapple, bacon, teriyaki sauce, havarti cheese, chicken, lettuce, and tomato. You also get a choice of fries, sweet potato fries, and island slaw (don't ask because I have no idea what it is). I got the sweet potato fries and they honestly were the best sweet potato fries I have ever had. The sandwich was really good as well; in fact I ate the whole thing! My boyfriend ordered the burger version of what I had with the normal fries. He said it was good but mine was better! If you don't want a full meal you can order appetizers instead.

Take It Home With You!

If you want to take your beverage container home with you, you can actually buy one! All of the decorative glasses are for sale and the best part is: they give you a brand new one! I hate when you get to "keep the glass" and it is all gross from your drink. If you buy one it comes in a box and is wrapped in bubble wrap for protection. These are actually really good quality cups and to my surprise are porcelain. I had to take one home to go on my bar cart. I also think that this would be a cool gift to anyone who is into tiki or island stuff.

Overall I think that this bar was a great! The environment was really fun and funky, the bartenders were awesome, the drinks were great (and strong), and the people there in general were really cool. No one was rude or rowdy or in a really bad mood which is always a huge plus in my book! I will definitely be going back. If you have been before, leave me a comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts on your experience and know what you ordered.

Some wall decor.
Some wall decor.

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