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Tricks and Tips to Use a Kitchen Blender

Updated on July 4, 2016

A kitchen is incomplete without a blender. Every woman wants a blender in a kitchen because of the multitude of functions a blender provides. It can be used to mix and grind the ingredients, can be used a juicer, food processor and even several juice mixes can be made out of it.

It is important to buy a blender that ensures high-quality performance. A brand new blender that is in a good condition is always a better buy because it consumes lesser amount of electricity compared to the ones that are old.

A food blender is a simple machine made up of a jar, a blade, a couple of buttons to grind and mix everything. If you know how to use a blender properly, you will be able to whip up smoothies, make puree soups, and even blend the butters to its smoothest form. If you operate it the wrong way, you might end up with a sludge-like smoothie or a useless blender that is just jammed and unable to do its job well.

Tips and Tricks to Use a Kitchen Blender:

Here are some tips and tricks that should be kept in mind every time you use the emulsifier blender -

Prefer the higher utility one, not price – You get blenders in the market with varied price tags, it is always not true that the expensive ones do the best job for you. All blenders have the same mechanism and the only thing varies are the quality of the components used in the product make. Thus, you can opt for cheaper options by relying on a good brand and check if it’s a high performance blender. However, if your motive is just to make icy drinks and smoothies, a low priced ordinary blender can do the job perfectly.

Order of ingredients – While using any kind of blender, it is important to keep the order of the ingredients in mind. The thumbs rule is to go from lightest to heaviest and essentially you should always start with liquid, making sure that it’s covering the blades of the fruit shake blender. If you pour in liquid first, it ensures that liquid will go in first and help to move the blades around the jar. To make a fruit smoothie, you then need to add chunks of fresh fruit or frozen fruit, finally the ice.

Try to avoid bubbles – Often you will notice that the blender gets stuck due to a big air bubble; this can actually stop the blending and even ruin the mechanism of the device. To avoid such lock ups, it is better to keep a balance between frozen foods or ice and the liquid that is combined. There would be a "Pulse" feature, which can be used to dislodge the blender.

Tamping down is important – If the blender is used more as a vegetable blender to make the chunks of veggies thick and creamy foods, the blades do have the chances to get stuck and stop working at all. Adding too much liquid might spoil your recipe; instead use the blender’s tamper which is a piece fitted atop the blender and used to move the food around perfectly, while the blades are running to grind.

Cut pieces to fit them in – In case of a fruit blender, you would need to add round food objects such as apples, mangoes etc. You should chop them in half of further smaller pieces before putting them in the jar. All the fresh food items should be in small pieces to fit in almost the half of the height of the jar.

With a high performance blender, you can do many more things than just the above ones. You can actually heat up soup without using a stove; the friction of the whirring blades will bring on the heat warm up the soup. If you wish to aerate wine, just pour the contents in the blender and give a quick whirl for 30 seconds; it gets perfectly aerated and ready to drink!

Always make it sure to make appropriate use of the blender. Also, clean it properly after every use for managing the constant performance of it. No matter, whether it's an old one or a new one, make sure to let it dry properly before closing it's lid.

Always remember, you can maintain the efficiency of the product only if you uses it properly.


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