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Try the Americas' first spirit in a new form right from your armchair: Campo de Encanto Pisco

Updated on September 21, 2015

Campo de Encanto Grand & Noble


Campo de Encanto: carrying on Pisco tradition deliciously

Pisco is a fascinating eau de vie. Unlike other clear spirits that are made from a potato, for example, pisco is distilled from grapes. It has complexities that belie its simple appearance. Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century -- now 500 years ago! -- were able to modernize a Spanish brandy with the plentiful indigenous fruit they found all over the tropics.

Today, Campo de Encanto is preserving those ancient flavors! From your armchair, you can virtually travel to the Peru of long ago. I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The company makes a number of different expressions; I tried the "Grand & Noble".

Before even opening the bottle and pouring into a small snifter, you'll see that it would make a fantastic holiday gift: the back of the label has a vintage photo of a pisco distillery. Unique!

The contents inside are unique, as well. They harvest old vines to create an all-natural spirit. The nose is grape leaves, green and unripe fruit. Pour into a glass and let the flavors develop for a few minutes. I noticed floral flavors, bitter almond, peach skin. This is a most unusual after-dinner drink and would add sophisticated notes to any cocktail where you use vodka or perhaps a floral type of gin. It's smooth -- much less sharp than a tequila. This is what they say about it:

A vibrant, pure grape spirit, your Grand & Noble Pisco is sustainably harvested, vinted and distilled according to the strictest standards of Master Distiller Carlos Romero. You’ll taste plums and peaches, almonds and chocolate, with a hint of peppermint and honeysuckle.


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