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Turken chicken breed are motherly and hardy.

Updated on August 13, 2016

Naked Neck chicken.


Adele- Someone like you

It can survive diseases that wipe other breeds.

If breed free range, they have ability to be on the lookout for a marauding hawk warning their chicks to scarper to safety in nearby shrubs. They are very good mothers for chicks. This breed is resistant to common chicken diseases like Newcastle. So when such diseases strike, other breeds in the flock will be affected with exception of the Naked Neck breed. A chicken farmer is therefore advised to at least keep some of these to save them from total decimation of their flock in case of bird flu.

Naked Neck hens


Taking care of Naked Neck breed.

Turken chicken should be fed on chicken mash and also supplied with water throughout the day. Their houses should be cleaned regularly to weed off flees. There are farmers who today plant fodder to feed their chicken through hydroponic technology. In this way you get to grow your fodder in a record six days. Your chicken consumes the whole produce; grass, root and seeds of barley, sim sim, or sorghum , as it is all nutritious and very tender. Ensure that apart from using nutritious feeds on your chicken you also vaccinate them as required. Chicken vaccine and convectional medicine is very expensive meaning that some farmers have to do with traditional means of keeping their chicken healthy. Some crush Aloe vela leaves and introduce them into drinking water for their chicken. Aloe vela plant is known to have medicinal elements. The naked neck nature of these birds is a source of superstition by some communities.

Naked Neck rooster.


Superstitions associated to Naked Neck breed.

Is it right when some communities associate the naked- neckness of the Turken breed with superstition?

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