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Types Of Beans and What They Can Do For You

Updated on November 23, 2011

What About Beans?

There are many types of beans but just where do all the different types of beans come from? Beans are the the seeds of certain plants. Beans are high in nutritional value. They have tons of fiber, are packed with protein and contain very little fat. Beans are a valuable part of a healthy diet. Beans are able to provide the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals and because of this are very popular with vegetarians.

What Can Beans Do For You?

Beans are a very healthy food. Beans can reduce your risk of a heart attack. They help fight against diabetes because eating beans provide more insulin holding spots in your body. Beans are filled with fiber and keep you feeling full so you don't eat junk food. They provide energy to your body all day long. Beans can protect your body from developing cancer. Beans are also known to lower your cholesterol. As you can tell the benefits of eating beans are plenty.

Type Of Beans
Type Of Beans

Many Different Types Of Beans

  • Anasazi Beans - This type of beans are white and purple and are kidney shaped. They are from the same family of beans as pinto beans. Anaszi beans have a mild, sweet flavor and a mealy texture. They are commonly used in Mexican dishes.
  • Black Beans - A black bean is a common variety of bean that is small and black. They are used in many kinds of recipes including Latin recipes and Asian recipes. Black beans have a rich taste and hold their shape well during cooking.
  • Black Eyed Peas - Even though they are called a pea, they are a bean. They are a typical southern United States menu staple.
  • Cannellini Bean - This large white bean is also known as the white kidney bean. The cannellini bean is smooth in texture and has a nutty taste. Its skin is very thin and tender. This italian bean is commonly used in minestrone soup.
  • Garbanzo Beans - Garbanzo beans are a small round bean. These types of beans are also known as chickpeas. They are very commonly eaten cold in salads. It is very tasty, very good for you and makes for a good snack.
  • Great Northern Beans - This bean is a white bean that resembles a lima bean. The texture of the great Northern bean is grainy and it is commonly used in stews, soups and salads.
  • Kidney Beans - Kidney beans are a reddish brown bean that are used in both hot and cold dishes. Since they keep their shape very well, kidney beans are often used in simmered dishes such as chili.
  • Lima Beans - These beans are normally green in color and have a light, creamy texture. They are normally found canned or dried.
  • Pinto Beans - These beans are beige colored with red speckles. The beans are a pink fleshy bean that have been used in Mexico for thousands of years and are also very popular in the United States. It is a popular bean to use in Mexican and southern recipes although is so versatile that it can be used in most recipes requiring beans.


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