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Types of Kitchen Knives and When to Use Them

Updated on August 22, 2016

Perhaps you are no expert in the kitchen, but you can manage to come up with several delicious dishes. It could also be that you have just begun to live independently and are presently finding your way around this area. Maybe you have recently gotten married and are stocking up your kitchen with the essentials. Whatever situation you are in, when it comes to the kitchen, one important matter you ought to educate yourself about is the different types of kitchen knives and how to use them. This way, you don't end up buying knives that you do not have any use for. Furthermore, you can cook more efficiently when you know the right kind of knife to use for a certain task.

Multi-Purpose/Chef Knife

Every household must have this kind of knife, as it is easy and convenient to use for a variety of purposes and food items. You can cut or slice fruits, vegetables, and different types of meat with this knife. You can also perform various tasks with it such as chopping, dicing, and mincing.

Paring Knife

This is yet another common knife that is often included in a basic knife set. Aside from paring, it is good for peeling and even coring small vegetables and fruits. You may even use it for cutting small pieces of garnishing.

Filleting Knife

With a narrow blade that can bend, this kind of knife is perfect for making fish fillets as it can easily run along the fish’s bone structure. It is a special knife that not everyone makes use of.

Boning Knife

In contrast to a filleting knife, the boning knife’s length of blade is from short to medium and comes with a pointed edge. It is also strong and cannot bend. Indeed this sort of design is ideal for cutting away meat close to bones.

Bread Knife

This comes with a serrated bottom on the blade. This is why it is great for precisely and gracefully slicing through cakes and other breads without crushing, mashing, or shredding. It can also be used for vegetables with firm skin like the tomato.

Steak Knife

If you are fond of cooking and eating steaks and chops, you should be sure to have this knife handy at home. It can neatly slice through these meats.

Peeler Knife

You can peel off the skin of fruits and vegetables without any problem when you make use of the peeler knife. It has a small blade length that makes it easier to handle and control.

Utility Knife

This is quite useful too and is often included in a regular set of knives. It can be utilized for peeling and slicing of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it is also good for carving small pieces of meat.

Carving/Slicing Knife

If you need to deal with huge chunks of meat, it is best to use this type of knife for carving and slicing purposes. With its long, thin, and sharp blade, you can be assured of clean and precise work.

Knowing these types of kitchen knives and their uses, you should certainly apply this knowledge and practice the actual use of these different knives. This knowledge will also help you equip your kitchen accordingly and guide you whenever you cook.


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