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The Best Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipes

Updated on June 25, 2013

Benefits of Eating Vegan

  • Reduced saturated fats
  • Decreased risk in many cardiovascular diseases and cancers
  • Safe from artificial hormones
  • More energy

I always associate sugar cookies with holidays - probably because they're so easy to personalize and decorate with icing to suit any occasion. The perfect sugar cookie is the right bit chewy and the right bit crunchy and the right bit sweet. Due to unfortunate food allergies, I'm unable to eat dairy products or eggs; which when concerning baking, generally means it has to be Vegan! Lucky for those of us with diet restrictions, where are so many delicious vegan sugar cookie recipes out there for us to try. Here is a compilation of great recipes that will help you on your way to making delicious vegan sugar cookies!

Food blog dedicated to easy healthy recipes.
Food blog dedicated to easy healthy recipes. | Source

Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe #1

Yummy Yummy Kitchen is a great food blog dedicated to simple healthy recipes. Marina's recipe for vegan sugar cookies uses coconut milk, and claims the cookies taste delicious and buttery just like the real thing. Her photography is beautiful, and demonstrates just how elegant vegan cooking can be. I particularly love the sugar frosting on her cookies.

Click Here To Visit's vegan sugar cookie recipe


Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe #2

These amazing vegan sugar cookies by Kathy on Lunch Box Bunch are so delicious, and suggest using interesting ingredients as mainstream alternatives. These cookies are covered in a coconut glaze, so are sure to please even the toughest food critic. Kathy has included easy to follow instructions with plenty of beautiful photography to help follow along. She's decorated them for valentines day, but they can be customized to suit any holiday.

Click Here To Visit Kathy's Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe


Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe #3

This is another recipe by Kathy on The Family Kitchen; this one featuring a vanilla bean frosting that is out of this world. These cookies use safflower oil and apple cider vinegar, and turn out amazing! The frosting can be made ahead and refrigerated, or used on other recipes. It's so good, no will even ask if its vegan!

Click Here To Visit Kathy's Vegan Sugar Cookie Recipe

I hope you enjoy these vegan cookie recipes as much as I did. Of course, all credit goes to the authors of the recipes. Share the love and visit some of their other recipes!


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